The absence of Benzema rehabilitates Mariano

first_imgMariano is the only player (along with Asensio, long-term injured) who has not yet played any minute in the official match this season. But you can have your chance and be key in the Spanish Super Cup. In the absence of Benzema, Zidane has included hispanodominicano in the final call of 18 players for the semifinal against Valencia. This is the second time Mariano has been on a list this campaign.. The previous one was in Mallorca, in a match in which the French coach had it as a replacement in his initial bet of playing with two strikers. Benzema and Jovic made headlines that day. The Supercopa can suppose a certain redemption for a Mariano sentenced almost from the start of the campaign. He refused the offers to leave that he had in summer because they did not satisfy his economic pretensions or his sporting ambitions. And this despite In the pre-season friendlies Zidane made it clear his role in the team. Mariano only played 41 minutes, both in the matches of the Audi Cup: 11 ‘against Tottenham and 30’ against Fenerbahçe. The goal was scored by the goal that closed the victory (5-3) against the Turks. Canteranos as De la Fuente, Seoane (now in Huesca) or Javi Hernández played more than Mariano. Finished the preparation, the club took the 7 to give it to Hazard.Suitors do not lack if Madrid takes it to market this winter and the player agrees to leave. Lyon and Espanyol have shown their interest in getting their services … and their goals. Last season, in which his role was also minimal, he scored 4 goals in 746 minutes played (one every 186.5 ‘).last_img read more

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Our Constitution is the supreme law

first_imgDear Editor,Our Constitution, like that of any other country, is the supreme law and it not only provides the main governing laws in broad terms, which all other laws must be in consistency with, but it also provides vital checks and balances for those who are in authority to govern our country. In addition, the Constitution safeguards our principle and important rights and entitlements as citizens from each other and from our Government.Therefore, it is this Constitution which gives us the power through our elected representatives in the National Assembly to ‘divorce’ an elected Government and put in motion the electoral processes to elect a new Government. The coalition has committed numerous atrocities against the Guyanese public to warrant this ‘divorce’. This ‘divorce’ takes the form of a vote of confidence, commonly called a vote of no-confidence since it will be ridiculous to assume that the Opposition will vote in favour of the Government. This is exactly what took place on the night of December 21, 2018.The Revised Constitution of 2001 gave us this power through Article 106 of our Constitution and its intent or interpretation is quite clear and unambiguous. Article 106 (6) of our Constitution unambiguously states that “The Cabinet including the President shall resign if the Government is defeated by the vote of a majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of confidence”. On December 21, 2018, all the elected members voted on the No-Confidence Motion and 33 of the elected members voted in favour of that motion. The Constitution makes it clear that 65 members constitute the National Assembly. That is crystal clear and conclusive. Therefore, when the foregoing Article speaks about a “majority”, it is in respect of these 65 members.The Caribbean Court of Justice’s President, Adrian Saunders, submitted that the main issue is to determine what constitutes an “absolute majority” albeit that the term is not used in our Constitution. If the CCJ wants to differentiate this “majority” with the other majority needed to pass bills in Parliament and use terms such as “absolute” and “simple” majority in the process, then it is also clear that the Constitution itself provides the acid test for this differentiation. The main ingredient for this differentiation is the “vote of all elected members”. In case of the vote of confidence on December 21, 2018, all the elected members were, in fact, present and voted. The result is a majority of 33 against 32 of the elected members in the 65-member National Assembly. Therefore, there is a declaration that 33 votes of the members of the National Assembly constitute a “majority” of all the members of the National Assembly within the meaning of Article 106 (6) of the Constitution of Guyana.Chief Justice George in her ruling on January 31 was absolutely correct when she ruled that, “In our 65-member National Assembly a majority of all elected members, in accordance with the principle of ‘one over all rivals combine’, is the thirty-three (33) members”. On December 21, 2018, turn and twist as it may, the “absolute” and the “simple” majority became indistinguishable since all the elected members were present and voted and in our odd number National Assembly no number of varied mathematical computations can negate this fact.I am confident that the CCJ will rule in favour of 33 and not the concocted 34 which can never be applicable to Guyana’s Constitution!Yours sincerely,Haseef Yusuflast_img read more

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Quality Education: The Only Way Out

first_imgVice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has said that the provision of sound and quality education to students in the education sector is the only way Liberians can be taken from their present economic, social and other conditions and provides for themselves better living conditions as well as contributes to the development processes of their country.VP Boakai said quality education is always needed, especially in country like Liberia that has come from civil crisis and is in rebuilding process. He stated the country will always be in need of young qualified Liberians who can help in its rebuilding process.The Liberian Vice President spoke when he officially dedicated the newly constructed campus of the Leigh-Sherman Community College and the Leigh-Sherman Executive Secretarial School in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.The new building of the school, which has its motto as, “There is no Excellence without Labor” was officially opened by VP Boakai Friday, April 25. The school had initially been located in the Fiamah Community in Sinkor, Monrovia. The college now has its own campus after over 38 years of existence.VP Boakai said the Leigh-Sherman College since its establishment in the late 1970s, has been very instrumental in developing the capacities of young Liberians some of whom have gone out to become exceptional professionals in their areas of disciplines throughout the world.He challenged the authorities of the school to continue their high level of academic and ethical training to their new location, indicating “Let your work over these years speak for itself as you come into this new community.”VP Boakai lauded the founder and proprietor of the college, Madam Theresa Leigh-Sherman, who he said have for many years shown how dedicated and committed she is to the molding of the minds of the young people of her country.“After all we have gone though individually and as a nation, she is still passionate and committed to this cause. Relocating the school to this location is another level of commitment. You have brought light to this community and its surrounding areas. Thank you for being such a good Liberian,” he said.“Most of the people I have worked with over the years have been graduates of the Leigh-Sherman College. These have been very professional people not just in terms of qualifications competency, but also discipline. The kinds of training that she instilled in her students always go with them,”“She always produces the best of students and I’m very proud of her. I want to thank you Theresa for helping the children of this country who we are dependent upon for the rebuilding of our nation. The provision of quality education is the only way for us to get out of our present conditions as Liberians. We hope that your hands’ works prosper,” VP Boakai added.The proprietor of the college, Madam Theresa Leigh-Sherman, said the decision to relocate the school is as a result of the outcome of a survey that was conducted. She said survey shows that 80 percent of the students are from the out sketch of the city, particularly Paynesville and as such it is ideals for their campus to be brought close to them.She said this will help curtail a lot of expenses that students undergo daily to get on campus. Some of the challenges have to do with the difficulties of getting a vehicle to and fro school and amount spent on transportation weekly will be reduced drastically.Madam Leigh-Sherman noted that since its inception about 38 years ago, the college has been grounded in a vision of excellence and the new move will not be an exception.She said, “A pioneering institution in the field of Secretarial Science, we have successfully trained and placed over five thousand administrative professionals in positions with government, public and private corporations, international organizations and the Liberia Diplomatic Corps.”She indicated that in the years since the civil conflict, the college has emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility. “Our country has entered a period of tremendous revitalization and progress in which education and profession training is imperative.”She lauded all those who contributed to the construction process of the new building. She indicated: “After 38 years of existence, Leigh-Sherman school finally has its own campus and permanent home. We are proud today that we on our own campus and our dream has come true.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Local Govt Commission being stifled by Govt – members

first_img…say its purse still being controlled by Central GovtIn one of their first public appearances in their new role, members of the Local Government Commission aired their grievances during a press conference on Friday at the office of the Leader of the Opposition. Chief among their concerns is what they term the usurpation of their powers.The PPP members on the commission had much to say about the workings of the commission. Commissioners Norman Whittaker, Clinton Collymore and CarolCommunities Minister Ronald BulkanSooba were sworn in since October 2017.However, according to them, the body is being propped up as just a front, while Central Government essentially runs the show. The commissioners complained that Government has been stymieing them at every level, whereas Government is actually supposed to ensure the commission’s autonomy.“According to the Constitution, the commission assumes control of the Local Government system, basically in the democratic councils and municipalities. But while the law has been passed and certain allocations of finance have been made, the regime, through Minister of Communities (Ronald) Bulkan, continues to hold on to vital areas of authority belonging by law to the commission,” Commissioner Clinton Collymore said.“So we have a difficulty accessing funds…a difficulty accessing space and accommodation…and a difficulty (in) how the commission responds to the public on public matters. We are unable to physically and efficiently respond toCommissioners Norman Whittaker, Clinton Collymore and Carol Soobacomplaints in the Local Government System made by people.”He revealed that the monies that have been voted for the commission in the 2018 budget are yet to be made available to the commission’s own account. Instead, the Communities Ministry holds the purse strings.No place of abodeMeanwhile, they can no longer meet at the National Assembly, as the agreement they had with the Parliamentary Office to use the committee rooms for meetings expired in February last.Collymore explained that the building identified to accommodate the commission does not cater for the commissioners.Explaining further, his colleague Commissioner Carol Sooba expressed disappointment at the building on Eping Avenue identified for the commission. She gave her impressions of an impromptu tour of the building, located on Eping Avenue, which was facilitated by Commission Chairman Mortimer Mingo.“He showed me the room for the Chairman’s office, and another room for Deputy Chairman Andrew Garnett, and a boardroom and space to have rooms for the secretary for the commission. So I was curious. I asked where the other members of the commission would be housed.”“I said members of the public would have problems. They would come to visit, they would want to discuss the problems within the regions and towns in confidence, he said. “Well, they don’t have any accommodation for the commission. If they want to meet, they can meet in the boardroom. Just like that. So I left.”Former Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker related that the Government has been written to on numerous occasions about the situation. However, the situation remains very much the same, and when contacted by those desirous of making complaints, they cannot refer the complainant to an office.“This morning an NDC on the East Coast called. We have a complaint and we’ve been advised to call the commission. Where are your offices? The Minister was made aware by letters. We have these challenges, these challenges, we need to step in.”Local Government elections are expected to be held later this year. But with the LGC, I support the position it is in, the commissioners are concerned when, if ever, they will be able to carry out their role independently. Efforts to contact Minister Bulkan on Friday were futile.IndependenceThe Commission was sworn in last year October, after a lengthy delay. The parliamentary Opposition had named its nominees to the Local Government Commission since 2016. However, since the Government did not submit its nominations, this resulted in a deadlock.One of the first public deadlines that Minister Bulkan gave for the body to become functional was at a press conference during the time of the March 2016 Local Government Elections. Asked for an explanation during the latter part of the month, the Minister had moved the deadline to the end of June 2016.In the Budget estimates for 2016, some $30 million were allocated by the Government to the non-functioning commission. When asked, Bulkan had stated that this was to allow the Commission to operate independently of Central Government.The commission is charged with, among other things, control over who gets appointed as officials in the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and other local authorities. In addition, it would have to approve budgets for the NDCs.By law, the commission is to be made up of eight members. The members of the commission include four nominated from the Government, one from the unions, and three nominees from the Leader of the Opposition.The Commission’s members are Mortimer Mingo, Clement Corlette, Marlon Williams, Jo Ann Romascindo, Andrew Garnett, former Local Government Ministers Whittaker and Collymore, and former Georgetown Town Clerk Sooba.last_img read more

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ExxonMobil finds more oil offshore Guyana

first_imgUnited States (US) oil giant ExxonMobil on Wednesday announced another oil discovery following drilling at the Longtail-1 exploration well in the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana.This is ExxonMobil’s eighth oil discovery offshore Guyana. The company said in a statement that the well encountered has approximately 256 feet (78 metres) of high-quality, oil-bearing sandstone reservoir.The well was drilled to 18,057 feet (5504 metres) depth in 6365 feet (1940 metres) of water. The Stena Carron drillship commenced drilling on May 25, 2018.President of ExxonMobil Exploration Company, Steve Greenlee, explained that the Longtail discovery is in close proximity to the Turbot discovery South-east of the Liza field.He said the Longtail drilling results are under evaluation. However, the combinedThe Stena Carron drillship that made the discoveryestimated recoverable resources of Turbot and Longtail will exceed 500 million barrels of oil equivalent, and will contribute to the evaluation of development options in this eastern portion of the block.The company said it is currently making plans to add a second exploration vessel in addition to the Stena Carron drillship, bringing its total number of drillships on the Stabroek Block to three. “The new vessel will operate in parallel to the Stena Carron to explore the block’s numerous high-value prospects,” it stated.At present, the Noble Bob Douglas is completing initial stages of development drilling for Liza Phase 1, for which ExxonMobil announced a funding decision in 2017.The company said Phase 1 will consist of 17 wells connected to a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. This is designed to produce up to 120,000 barrels of oil per day.Meanwhile, Phase 2 concepts are similar to Phase 1 and will involve a second FPSO with production capacity of 220,000 barrels per day. A third development, Payara, is planned to follow Liza Phase 2.ExxonMobil noted that Guyanese businesses, contractors and employees will continue to play an important role in its operations in Guyana. It reminded that over $24 million was spent in partnership with project partners with more than 300 local suppliers in 2017.Also, the company opened the Centre for Local Business Development in Georgetown to promote the establishment and growth of small- and medium-sized local businesses.“ExxonMobil’s priorities in Guyana are focused on enabling local workforce and supplier development and collaborating with Government to support the growth and success of its economy,” it added.ConfidenceFollowing the announcement, Government issued a statement congratulating the company, stating that this other discovery is an “unmistakable demonstration” of it confidence in Guyana’s offshore reserves.Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman said the 8th discovery at Longtail-1 is yet another verification and validation of Guyana’s massive offshore oil reserves.“All Guyanese will be brimming with further excitement of this historic news which reinforces that in the near future, Guyana’s share of profit oil will allow for national infrastructural, economic and social transformation hitherto unimaginable,” he added.Further to that, Trotman said Guyanese have the assurance that Government will ensure that the sector is managed responsibly, with their best interest and the interest of future generations in mind.Only in late February, ExxonMobil had announced its seventh oil discovery at its Pacora-1 well. The company had said it encountered approximately 65 feet (20 metres) of high-quality, oil-bearing sandstone reservoir. The well was safely drilled to 18,363 feet (5597 metres) depth in 6781 feet (2067 metres) of water. The Pacora-1 well is located approximately four miles West of the Payara-1 well.ExxonMobil had announced project sanctioning for the Liza Phase 1 development in June 2017. Following Liza-5, the Stena Carron will conduct additional exploration and appraisal drilling on the block.The Stabroek Block is 6.6 million acres (26,800 square kilometres). Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited holds a 45 per cent interest in the Stabroek Block. Hess Guyana Exploration Ltd holds 30 per cent interest and CNOOC Nexen Petroleum Guyana Limited holds 25 per cent interest.last_img read more

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Tough task ahead for the Huskies

first_imgNext up on the docket for the 4-4-0 Huskies is the task of taking on the 11-1-0 Peace River Navigators, the number one team in the North West Junior Hockey League.In their 12 games played, tied for most amount played so far, the Navigators have registered an impressive 22 points, recording only one loss so far this season. That loss came last weekend on Oct.28, to the Grande Prairie JDA Kings in a close 3-2 game.The Huskies will have their dog dishes full for the upcoming tilt, as the Navigators hold the top ranking in goals-for, with 96, as well as goals-against with 22. In comparison, the Huskies have scored 36 goals so far this season, while allowing 41 against.- Advertisement -Fort St. John will not be able to pass anyone in the standings this weekend, as they currently sit in fourth with eight points, which is eight points behind the third place Whitecourt Wolverines, who have 16 points. However, the win is crucial, as fifth place Sexsmith only trails Fort St. John by a single point. The Vipers play last place Beaverlodge on Nov.4, so it’s a big game for the Huskies if they wish to maintain their fourth place rank.Saturday’s game takes place at the Kinsmen Arena in Peace River.last_img read more

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Victoria’s Most Sexy

first_img“You know, he has his shirt off a lot lately,” said Klum. Other sexy celebs: Eric Dane (actor), Carrie Underwood (female musician), speed racer Danica Patrick (female athlete), Yankee Derek Jeter (male athlete), Kate Hudson (mom), and Jay-Z and Beyonce (couple). Sienna Miller won props for her trendsetting style, Josh Duhamel for his smile and Adrian Grenier for his eyes. Cameron Diaz has the sexiest legs, while Jennifer Hudson was singled out in the lips category. Another day, another list. But what the heck, this one is a “What is Sexy?” rundown from Victoria’s Secret. “SexyBack” singer Justin Timberlake is sexiest male musician; Jessica Alba, who starred in “Sin City,” is sexiest actress; and David Beckham, who has three sons with his wife, Victoria, is sexiest dad. The list of sexy entertainers and athletes was announced Thursday. It was compiled by a team of Victoria’s Secret executives, designers and supermodel spokeswomen, including Heidi Klum and Karolina Kurkova. Klum and Kurkova were to host a party in Las Vegas on Thursday to celebrate the list-makers. “I still think my husband (Seal) is the sexiest dad for our children, but (that’s) beside the point,” said Klum, 33. Matthew McConaughey was honored for his “beach body.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

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first_imgThe inaugural ‘Féile na Seiteanna, Leitir Ceanainn’ took place in the Clanree last weekend and was a great success.Some 100 set dancers from all over Donegal, the North West and as far away as Belfast, Dublin and Cork were joined by more than 80 dancers from Galway and the West for a celebration of all that is good about set dancing.Music for the three Céilithe was provided by Rise the Dust Ceilí Band (from the Midlands) and by our very own Duntally Ceili Band from Donegal. Eight sets were danced each night together with some two hand dances and old time waltzes. The event raised over €2,000 which was divided between SNAP – Special Needs Accessible Playground Letterkenny – and Peru Children’s Charity. Already arrangements are being finalised for the 2014 event at the same time next year (August 29 to 31, 2014) and we look forward to an even greater gathering of set dancers from all across Ireland . Why not join us then? LETTERKENNY SET DANCING FESTIVAL IS HUGE SUCCESS was last modified: September 5th, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:LETTERKENNY SET DANCING FESTIVAL IS HUGE SUCCESSlast_img read more



first_imgA Garda investigation into possible irregular financial dealings at a popular Donegal radio station has been launched.Inishowen Community Radio has been on the air for 12 years and is hugely popular among the people of the peninsula, being the most listened-to station in the area.However it has now been confirmed that an investigation has ben launched into possible misappropriation of funding at the station. The station, which has a staff of 8, is 50% funded by advertising and the other half by Government funding, will remain on the air during the investigation.Chairperson of the board of directors at the station, Raymond Doherty, said he could not comment further on the matter.A staff member at the station told Donegaldaily that there was now an air of relief that an investigation had been launched.“This has been hanging over us since around October 2010 when we were called to a meeting and told about a situation. “Hopefully now the correct procedures can be followed and we can move on from here,” said the source.A report on the investigation is carried in the current edition of the Inishowen Independent.It is not known what sums of money are involved in the alleged fraud.“It has obviously been going on for some time but we just don’t know,” added the source.A Garda source told us today: “These are just allegations at the moment; there may well turn out to be no substance to the allegations but we are duty-bound to investigate them.” GARDAI LAUNCH FRAUD PROBE AT RADIO STATION was last modified: April 12th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:GARDAI LAUNCH FRAUD PROBE AT RADIO STATIONlast_img read more



first_imgLETTERKENNY AC runner Ivan Toner was first home in the Scoil Mhuire Ramelton 5k.Club mate Pauric Breslin came in second with Cranford’s John Sweeney a further half minute behind. Nikita Burke was the first woman home.Scoil Mhuire Ramelton 5k 2014 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club1 139 15.30 Ivan Toner SM Letterkenny A C2 133 16.24 Pauric Breslin SM Letterkenny A C3 147 16.57 John Sweeney SM Cranford A C 4 146 17.00 Liam Doherty SM Cranford A C5 867 17.01 Aidan Mckenna M40+ Letterkenny A C6 195 17.43 Barry Coyle SM Individual7 861 17.47 Padraig Friel SM Letterkenny A C8 1 18.20 John O’Doherty SM Individual 9 131 18.42 Richard Fitzsimmons Boys 16 Individual10 860 18.52 Anthony McDaid SM Individual11 850 18.54 Adrian Gill SM Individual12 8 19.03 Curley Coyle SM Ramelton 13 134 19.19 Garvan Patterson SM Individual14 16 19.20 Cathal Morrisson M40+ Individual15 863 19.24 Nikita Burke SW Individual16 278 19.34 Evan Hewitt Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton17 171 19.54 Paul Catterson SM Individual18 349 19.55 Matthew McLaughlin Boys 16 Individual19 862 19.56 Mark McFadden M40+ Individual20 145 20.12 Sharon Black W40+ Letterkenny A C21 870 20.17 Nuala O Hagan W50+ Milford A C22 865 20.20 Manus Peoples M50+ Individual23 855 20.32 Serena McDaid SW Letterkenny A C24 7 20.39 John Boyce SM Individual25 184 20.45 Sean Bryant Boys 16 Individual26 184 20.45 Shaun Bryant Boys 16 Scotish Athletics27 132 20.47 Jonny Patterson SM Individual28 201 20.52 Peter Carr Boys 16 Individual29 4 20.55 Shauna McGeehan SW Letterkenny A CPlace Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club30 140 21.01 Richard Raymond M50+ Letterkenny A C31 141 21.02 Eddie Doherty SM Individual32 200 21.06 kevin Coyle SM Individual33 158 21.08 PJ Lyons M40+ Individual34 40 21.24 Lauralee Penrose Girls 16 Individual35 859 21.34 John Hughes M50+ Individual36 372 21.42 Brad Patterson Boys 16 Individual37 357 21.47 Sam Faulkner SM Individual38 868 21.48 Patricia McKenna W40+ Letterkenny A C39 25 21.49 Joe Coyle SM Individual40 270 22.05 Oisin Coyle Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton41 893 22.09 Kevin Gormley Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton42 17 22.19 Wesley Vanc M40+ Individual43 142 22.24 Brendan Giles SM Individual44 194 22.33 Diarmuid Coyle Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton45 35 22.33 Jack Toland Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton46 144 22.48 Oran Dunworth Boys 16 Scotish Athletics47 191 23.08 Mark Bolton SM Individual48 858 23.11 Pauline Sweeney W40+ Individual49 38 23.18 David Diver SM Individual50 203 23.18 Adam Carr Boys 16 Individual51 854 23.27 Jessica Judge Girls 16 Letterkenny A C52 157 23.33 Aisling Curran Girls 16 Letterkenny A C53 853 23.38 Niall Murray Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton54 31 23.39 Margaret Hannon W40+ Individual55 361 23.40 Dermot Friel Boys 16 Individual56 36 23.41 Paul McCahill M40+ Individual57 856 23.45 Jake Doherty Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton58 831 23.46 Alex kerr Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton59 832 23.48 Eamon kerr M50+ Individual60 864 23.50 Michael Hanley M40+ Milford A C61 3 23.52 Eithne Cox W40+ Letterkenny A C62 2 23.52 Irene McFadden SW Letterkenny A C63 22 23.56 Michaela Gillespie W40+ Individual64 180 24.11 Steven Bryant Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton65 857 24.12 Taylor Doherty Girls 16 Individual66 879 24.19 Odhran McGroarty Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton67 688 24.23 Pauric Mc Cleary Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton68 185 24.32 Ruth McCrudden W40+ Letterkenny A C69 29 24.54 Caroline Shields SW Individual70 813 25.01 Norman Irwin M40+ Individual71 881 25.05 Shaun Coffey Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton72 849 25.12 Sinead Kinnear SW Individual73 138 25.15 lee Ponsonby SM Individual74 5 25.27 Eoin Sheehy SM Individual75 188 25.27 Ben Bradley Boys 16 Individual76 807 25.34 Jamie Blaney Boys 16 Individual77 887 25.35 Luke Hanlon Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton78 202 25.51 Jacob Carr Boys 16 Individual79 34 25.57 Rory O’Brien Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton80 6 25.59 Mary Bonnar W50+ Individual81 368 26.03 Catherine Grier Girls 16 Individual82 168 26.15 Barbara Laszcziw SW Individual83 154 26.18 Lorainne Kerr SW Individual84 30 26.27 Michael Shields Boys 16 Individual85 377 26.34 Kate Kemp Girls 16 Individual86 33 26.42 Thomas O’brien Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton87 820 26.42 Amber pyper SW Individual88 687 26.45 Gareth Mc Donnell SM Individual89 376 26.47 Ellen Kemp Girls 16 Individual90 24 27.05 Eunan Gormley M40+ Individual91 164 27.14 Calvagh O’ Donnell Boys 16 Scotish Athletics92 843 27.17 owen Murray Boys 16 Individual93 852 27.20 Jason Murray Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton94 143 27.52 Patrick Carragy SM Individual95 179 27.58 Grace Sweeney Girls 16 Scotish Athletics96 32 28.02 Tommy O’Brien M40+ Individual97 899 28.07 Chloe Coyle Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton98 165 28.07 Catalina Laszcziw Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton99 11 28.16 Bernie Haughey W40+ Milford A C100 814 28.27 Aisling Irwin Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton101 817 28.29 Molly Pyper Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton102 190 28.45 Linda Sweeney SW Individual103 189 28.46 Mary Sweeney SW Individual104 389 28.49 lee Patterson Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton105 880 28.57 Conor Coffey Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton106 379 29.08 Lorna Kemp SW Individual107 149 29.18 Chloe Kerr Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton108 348 29.24 Heather MacLaughlin Girls 16 Individual109 350 29.25 Danny McLoughlin M40+ Individual110 39 29.33 Linda Moore SW Individual111 895 29.49 Molly Diver Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton112 392 29.52 Nicola Irwin Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton113 694 30.06 Sinead Curren SW Individual114 21 30.06 Brendan Donnolly SM Individual115 693 30.26 Roisin Clifford SW Individual116 346 30.35 Aine Connolly Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton117 378 30.43 Chloe Speer Girls 16 Individual118 815 30.46 Mary O’ Donnell W50+ Milford A C119 187 30.50 Edan bradley Boys 16 Individual120 186 30.51 Mark Bradley SM Individual121 152 30.52 Ciara Kerr Girls 16 Scotish Athletics122 19 30.55 Catelyn Donnolly Girls 16 Individual123 692 31.12 Belinda Sheridan SW Individual124 14 31.28 Catherine haughey Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton125 826 31.28 Chantelle Murray Girls 16 Scotish Athletics126 866 31.47 Alannah McFadden Girls 16 Individual127 382 31.50 Darragh Fennel Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton128 26 31.52 Malachy O kane Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton129 27 31.53 Cormac O Kane M40+ Scoil Mhuire Ramelton130 280 31.53 Mallie Doogan Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton131 281 31.53 Danny Doogan SM Individual132 291 31.53 Jordan McDaid Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton133 803 32.01 lisa Toland SW Individual134 804 32.06 Aileen Boyce SW Individual135 878 32.12 Martina mcGroarty SW Individual136 136 32.47 Amy Patterson Girls 16 Individual137 135 32.58 Zara Herron SW Individual138 23 32.59 Linda McHugh W50+ Individual139 808 33.00 Tamara Blaney Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton140 42 33.24 Corey Gildea Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton141 12 33.29 Eleanor Haughey Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton142 273 33.29 Shay McFadden Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton143 851 33.36 Patricia Murray SW Individual144 825 33.56 Angela Murray SW Individual145 371 34.04 Thomas McCloskey Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton146 177 34.05 Lrcan Sweeney Boys 16 Scotish Athletics147 199 34.05 Conor Mc Fadden Boys 16 Scotish Athletics148 874 34.10 Killian McFadden Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton149 698 34.11 Connor Allison Girls 16 Individual150 344 34.35 Noah McGarvey Boys 16 Individual151 873 34.35 Katie McFadden Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton152 369 34.35 Adam Grier Boys 16 Individual153 695 34.41 Mairead Pinto SW Individual154 167 34.45 Tori Stewart Girls 16 Individual155 43 34.58 Chuck McDaid SM Individual156 347 36.02 Eimear Connolly Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton157 360 36.02 Katie Connolly Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton158 900 36.02 Kyrah McFadden Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton159 198 36.05 Michael Mc Fadden Boys 16 Scotish Athletics160 176 36.17 Carly Bryant Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton161 175 36.17 Lisa Bryant SW Individual162 898 36.17 Abbie Curran Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton163 13 36.32 Lizzy Haughey Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton164 890 36.56 Chloe Boyle Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton165 889 36.57 Mia Ferry Girls 16 Individual166 689 36.58 Orla Mc Cleary Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton167 691 37.04 Paul Mc Cleary SM Individual168 159 37.10 Caitlin Russel Girls 16 Individual169 343 37.16 Ursla McGarvey SW Individual170 896 38.13 Susie Diver Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton171 271 38.14 Hillary Gallagher W50+ Individual172 272 38.15 Donna McFadden W40+ Individual173 833 38.16 Emma McFadden Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton174 277 38.41 Margaret Sheridan W40+ Individual175 396 38.41 Margorie McHugh SW Individual176 386 38.41 Enya Gallagher Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton177 363 39.13 Mark Friel Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton178 394 39.15 Taylor Kane Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton179 193 39.16 Kyra O’ Donnell Girls 16 Scotish Athletics180 162 39.17 Niamh O’ Donnell Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton181 848 39.18 Anna McFadden Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton182 364 39.23 Claire Friel Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton183 365 39.32 Bridget Friel W40+ Milford A C184 137 39.32 Kyle McGarvey Boys 16 Individual185 821 39.37 katie Duffy Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton186 834 39.38 Kathleen McFadden Girls 16 Individual187 192 39.46 Rhianna Bolton Girls 16 Scotish Athletics188 876 39.48 Jenna McGroarty Girls 16 Individual189 153 39.55 Sinead Mc Cahill SW Individual190 869 39.55 Rachel McKenna Girls 16 Milford A C191 835 39.56 Roisin Mcfadden SW Individual192 802 40.00 A’alya Mustapha Girls 16 Individual193 150 40.00 Michael Kerr Boys 16 Scotish Athletics194 182 40.00 Katie Mills Girls 16 Scotish Athletics195 845 40.06 Anita Lynch SW Individual196 699 40.06 Keeva Allsion Girls 16 Individual197 370 40.43 Anne McCloskey W40+ Individual198 367 40.45 Monica Grier W40+ Individual199 292 41.00 Dillon McDaid Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton200 393 41.02 Aisling Boyle SW Individual201 395 41.02 Vicky Kane SW Individual202 15 41.05 Emily Haughey Girls 16 Individual203 181 41.06 Aine Mills Girls 16 Scotish Athletics204 840 41.07 Alanna Patterson Walker Individual205 841 41.08 Hannah patterson Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton206 839 41.44 Eileen Patterson Walker Individual207 288 41.59 Mary Fisher W40+ Individual208 37 41.59 Brenda McCahill W40+ Individual209 289 41.59 Sally Stewart W60 Individual210 399 42.02 Chloe Moore Girls 16 Individual211 401 42.02 Molly Moore Girls 16 Individual212 801 42.17 Aoife Mustapha SW Individual213 268 42.30 Celine Callaghan Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton214 173 42.49 Tina Bryant SW Individual215 172 42.49 Liz Bryant SW Individual216 806 42.50 Zara Blaney SW Individual217 894 42.51 Orla Boyle SW Individual218 847 42.51 beth McFadden Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton219 884 42.52 Maria Durning Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton220 197 42.53 Niamh Mc Fadden Girls 16 Scotish Athletics221 375 42.54 Shereen Pyper Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton222 390 42.55 Margaret O Donnel SW Individual223 373 42.56 Vincent Pyper M40+ Individual224 374 42.57 Rosie Pyper W40+ Individual225 170 42.58 Yana Laszcziw Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton226 888 42.59 Elaine Ferry W40+ Individual227 269 43.01 Chloe McCormick Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton228 20 43.02 Matthew Donnolly Boys 16 Individual229 18 43.02 Alicia Donnolly SW Individual230 284 43.03 Luke Ramsey SM Individual231 805 43.04 Alan blaney SM Individual232 279 43.10 Shaun Boyle M60+ Individual233 886 43.12 Martina Diver SW Individual234 885 43.13 Joe Diver M40+ Individual235 294 43.50 Siobhan McDaid SW Individual236 293 43.54 Peter McDaid M40+ Individual237 28 43.55 Karen Okane W40+ Individual238 352 44.16 Avril Murray W60 Individual239 351 44.16 Austin Murray M60+ Individual240 283 44.27 Nadia Dunworth SW Individual241 397 44.28 Sharon Hunter SW Individual242 400 44.29 Maura Moore SW Individual243 366 44.40 Emer Deeney SW Individual244 387 44.44 Lisa Gallagher SW Individual245 388 44.44 Michael McHugh M60+ Individual246 41 44.57 Gerard Gildea SM Individual247 9 45.07 Anne Patterson W60 Individual248 10 45.07 Helen Shiels W60 Individual249 282 45.16 Demi Dunworth Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton250 156 45.17 Jullieann O’ Hanlon Girls 16 Scotish Athletics251 690 45.40 Ester Mc Cleary SW Individual252 882 45.55 Veronica Coffey SW Individual253 356 46.02 Miriam Duffy Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton254 355 46.02 Liam Duffy Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton255 819 46.06 Martin pyper SM Individual256 353 46.06 Liam Duffy M40+ Individual257 342 46.50 Maire MacGabhann Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton258 816 46.50 Rory Pyper Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton259 384 46.50 Kevin McFadden M50+ Individual260 385 47.21 Marie McFadden W50+ Individual261 265 47.21 Laoise Quaile Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton262 877 47.38 Cara McGroarty Girls 16 Scotish Athletics263 263 47.38 Blaithin Quaile Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton264 402 47.38 Rebecca Tinney Girls 16 Individual265 295 47.42 Siofra Fill SW Individual266 148 47.50 Charlie Doherty M50+ Individual267 169 48.36 Torin Laszcziw Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton268 696 48.36 Ciara O’Reilly SW Individual269 697 48.37 Aoife Allison SW Individual270 405 48.46 Mark Buchannon Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton271 404 48.47 Paul Buchannon SM Individual272 891 49.05 Anne Boyce SW Individual273 897 49.05 Siobhan Coyle SW Individual274 286 49.12 JD Hunter Boys 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton275 871 49.13 Michael McFadden M40+ Individual276 872 49.13 Pamela McFadden W40+ Individual277 163 49.18 Naoise O’ Donnell Boys 16 Scotish Athletics278 196 49.34 Sarah Mv Fadden SW Individual279 354 49.34 Marguriette Duffy SW Individual280 383 49.45 Aibhe Fennel Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton281 381 49.45 Brian Fennel M40+ Individual282 290 50.07 jemma Boyle SW Individual283 174 50.07 Laura Bryant SW Individual284 45 50.08 Allanah Lockhart Girls 16 Individual285 44 50.08 Caroline Lockhart SW Individual286 391 50.08 Joan Lockhart SW Individual287 403 50.08 Margaret Hunter SW Individual288 160 50.18 Jamie Russel Boys 16 Individual289 161 50.19 Janette Russell SW Individual290 274 50.22 Tara Catterson SW Individual291 276 50.25 james Friel M50+ Individual292 275 50.25 Phil Friel W50+ Scoil Mhuire Ramelton293 823 50.42 Mark Duffy SM Individual294 818 50.42 Erin Pyper Girls 16 Individual295 824 50.44 Jackie Duffy SW Individual296 829 50.54 Ellie Curran Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton297 830 50.54 Livvy Curran Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton298 262 51.01 Ronan Quaile M40+ Individual299 827 51.02 Chris Curran SM Individual300 828 51.03 Debbie Curran SW Individual301 287 51.03 Aimee Hunter Girls 16 Individual302 267 51.42 Aoife Callaghan Girls 16 Scoil Mhuire Ramelton303 359 51.42 Lottie McDaid W60 Individual304 358 51.42 Edward McDaid M60+ Individual305 341 53.20 Antoin MacGabhann M40+ Individual306 155 53.20 Emma Mc Bride SW Individual307 846 53.20 Lorraine McFadden SW Individual308 266 53.59 Mary Callaghan W50+ IndividualTotal Runners: 308RESULTS: HUGE TURN-OUT FOR SCOIL MHUIRE RAMELTON 5K was last modified: June 18th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit 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