Defunk Your Face Muff with Beard Buddy

first_img The Ultimate Guide on How to Shape a Beard Beards are in, my friends, and as long as Congress doesn’t reinstate the draft (which killed off our fury companions during World War I), they are likely here to stay—and for good reason. Beards make dumb people look smarter. They award grace and nobility to even the ugliest of faces, and if you’re lazy (like me), they save you those few precious morning minutes. Let’s say you spend five minutes a day shaving, a very conservative estimate, that’s over thirty hours a year, over 300 hours in ten years—over twelve days you could have spent sleeping, drinking more coffee, or making sweet, sweet morning love.But how, you ask, is one supposed to get that morning affection when your beard smells like the porterhouse you gnawed on the night before? Two words: Beard Buddy. (We know, we know. We’ve mentioned Beard Buddy before, but this article has that new article smell. Mmmm…fresh, steamy beard article…) As a proud grower of a face muff for years, long before they were ironically cool, there have been times when I have struggled to keep my chin mop smelling and looking like the hair wonder it is. Thankfully, a couple of beard aficionados out of LA have stepped up to the plate. With their line of beard washes and oils packed full of organic goodness, my beard finally smells as good as it looks, and is so soft it puts the top locks to shame.Personally, I’ve always had a hard time finding a wash that has the right balance of toughness to obliterate the grime but still gentle enough for that virgin skin hiding underneath. No longer. Beard Buddy Beard Wash doesn’t strip away your man oils like a run-of-the-mill face wash, nor does it leave you smelling like you fell face first into bucket of daisies. But don’t stop there. Massage in a couple of drops of the Beard Oil and watch out! With its silky smooth texture and all-man scent, doors will open, women will flock, and the beard gods will look down upon your curly waves of jawbristle and smile, for you are no longer just a man who grows one hell of a beard. You are a beard that has grown a man! How to Grow a Beard: It’s Not Just a Look, It’s a Philosophy 10 Best Beard Balms: The Secret to a Tamed and Tangle-Free Beard How to Grow and Maintain Stubble Editors’ Recommendations How Fast Does Facial Hair Grow? Tips for Growing a Beard Faster last_img read more

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Iron Man’s Acura NSX Roadster will be real

first_img Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms When we saw Robert Downy Jr. turn up to the Avengers movie premier in the spring of 2012 piloting an Acura NSX convertible, we were convinced it was a one-off stunt to promote Iron Man’s new supercar. Turns out, though, Acura was giving us a glimpse at a drop-top variant of its forthcoming hybrid supercar.That’s right. Acura plans to rip the roof of the NSX, creating a roadster, spider, convertible, or drop-top version, depending on how you care to refer to it.Although the broader concept has been agreed upon by Acura brass, what form the NSX Roadster – that’s the one I’m going with – will actually take is still up in the air. Principal NSX Designer Jun Goto told Autocar that the Japanese automaker isn’t sure if it’ll fit a hard- or soft-top to the all-new incarnation of its iconic supercar.While I am sure Acura’s clever enough to create a distinctive hardtop convertible, I’d really rather see a soft-top, as there’s just something timeless about a soft spider roof.Not only would the cloth roof bring a classic look to the all-new Japanese supercar, it will also bring some much-needed lightness to the hybrid-powered, all-wheel drive rocket ship.Although the all-new NSX will be powered by a twin-turbo V6, which is aided by three electric motors, I can only assume the mass of aluminum pistons and sensors is a hefty beast indeed. Add to that curb weight some extra scaffolding to keep the topless NSX rigid in the corners, and a complicated retractable hardtop could make the thing heavy on a cosmic scale.Regardless, looking at the images of the conceptualized NSX Roadster and I almost wishing Acura designers had planned it as an open-air convertible from the get-go. If you can’t get sunburn your bald spot in your $300,000 hybrid supercar, what’s the point?(Main photo credit: Cardiction) (Secondary photo credit: EGMCartech) The Best Latex Pillows for Neck and Back Pain 6 Fastest Cars in the World Right Now 10 Best Whiskies for Irish Coffee Editors’ Recommendations The All-New 2020 Corvette Stingray Is a Mid-Engine Supercar for the Everyman last_img read more

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Tattoo Balms to Heal Your Fresh Ink

first_img How to Identify, Treat, and Survive a Spider Bite Editors’ Recommendations The Best Natural Tattoo Aftercare Tips and Suggestions 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts If you’re using the wrong aftercare products, healing your new tattoo can be more painful than the needle. You want keep the ink colors vibrant and of course, avoid infection. Most tattoo artists will advise against using petroleum jelly as it clogs pores and seals the skin depriving it of healing oxygen. It’s important to follow your tattoo artist’s instructions to the letter. The first few days are critical. Like with any open wound, keeping it clean is key. Don’t touch it with dirty hands and don’t double dip into a tub of ointment. These tattoo balms will help you through the healing process and preserve your body art.Soap Revolt Naturals Tattoo Aftercare, $7Natural healers like Calendula infused olive oil, beeswax and lavender essential oil in this balm will prevent infection and prevent itchy scabs. Just apply a little bit, three times a day with clean fingers.Brooklyn Grooming Company Tattoo Balm, $22These folks believe in the natural healing process. This balm contains nourishing, regenerating anti-fungal oils and butters known to ease swelling and calm irritation. This soothing salve will boost the healing process and preserve the color. Warm and soften the balm between your fingers so that it’s easier to work with then apply to dry skin. Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm, €20Regenerate and protect your skin with this anti-bacterial, vitamin-enriched balm. This ink lube in a tube is more sanitary than dipping your fingers in a tin or tub. Use this product long after you heal to keep the colors vibrant and help restore older tattoos.Hustle Butter Deluxe, $16.00This rich tattoo glide can be used to moisturize before, during and after the tattoo process. It’s made from soothing Shea, mango and aloe butters. Artists love this butter because it keeps the skin workable and allows the colors to absorb. When used during the process, it won’t remove stencils. It’s all natural, cruelty free and certified vegan.Ink Fixx Aftercare Salve, $5.99A dermatologist collaborated with tattoo artists across the country to formulate this ointment of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s an unscented beeswax based salve with Soy Oil, Grape Seed Extracts, Vitamins A and C. It moisturizes and helps reduce scar tissue.Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $12This tattoo artist favorite can be found in your local drug store. It’s promotes healing with Petrolatum, a unique ingredient that allows air to flow to your skin. It seals your skin while  Panthenol and Glycerin moisturize and nourish. Tattoo Ideas for Men (For When You Have No Idea) 10 Best Beard Balms: The Secret to a Tamed and Tangle-Free Beard last_img read more

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Driving Ford’s New 2019 Mustang Bullitt and Living the McQueen Dream

first_img For a Grown-Up Spin on a Slushy, Try A Mangoneada Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Sip On the Original Stormtrooper Beer While You Wait for the Next Star Wars Movie Jonathon Klein/The Manual Everlane Wants You to Have a Daily Uniform to Make Dressing Easier Jonathon Klein/The ManualThough not as sharp as either GT350, Bullitt loves to eat corners. I end the next straight, lift off the throttle, crank Bullitt’s steering wheel, and set the suspension. The optional Magneride suspension irons out road imperfections and keeps the rear glued to the tarmac, even when cornering as hard as I am. And it does so all while supplying a wickedly comfortable ride. The cue-ball shifter set firmly in my grasp, I heel-toe the clutch, downshift, and plant my leaded right foot into the accelerator as the rear Michelin-shod tires light up behind me as I yowl up the mountain road. “This is a damn fine Mustang,” I think to myself. “God, I just really wish I had someone to chase. And a turtleneck.”And while my Bullitt dreams were somewhat dashed, and most people my age likely won’t know the history of the man that made this car famous or have seen the movie that is emblazoned throughout the car, my San Franciscan adventure was one that made me feel undeniably cooler than I truly am. It also comes at a relative bargain —  $46,595 — given the only known original Bullitt Mustang to survive the movie and the years is now worth well into the millions of dollars. It’s nostalgia done right. McQueen once said, “I don’t believe in that phony hero stuff.” This Mustang isn’t a phony. It’s the real deal.Lastly, watch The Great Escape. It’s way better movie than Bullitt and McQueen is true badass in it. Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual 1 of 24 The Mission Workshop Khyte Sets a New Standard for Messenger Bags Jonathon Klein/The Manual This is one of those special Mustangs. Behind the wheel, it takes a moment for everything to click with you and the new Bullitt. After taking a few seconds to breathe the car in, I opened my eyes to find the very streets that costar along with McQueen Mustang and the Charger, the streets of San Francisco. Among the rolling road, I’m here somewhat recreating the drive McQueen took as Detective Frank Bullitt. Just as I crest the next hill, I’m frozen. Shivers run through me as a black Dodge Charger saddles right up next to me. It takes every ounce of willpower to keep my right foot from stomping on the gas and chasing after him when the light turns green.Bullitt gets a stout 480 horsepower from its naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V-8.Thankfully, and just in time, I notice the Charger is actually an unmarked officer. Chasing him would certainly lead to my day being cut short. I turn right and head down a more secluded street, away from earshot and my temptation.Damn though, is it easy to get tempted by Ford’s newest Bullitt Mustang. With the cops gone, my right foot slowly returns to its standard insanity and depresses the accelerator harder and harder as I exploit Bullitt’s stampeding horses. All in, Bullitt gets a stout 480 horsepower from its naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V-8. It may not sound like a heck of a lot of extra oomph compared to the GT’s 460 rating, but after passing the next stop sign, I’m thrown harder into the Recaro seats as I rail through the first few gears, lighting up the new Michelin rubber than any GT I’ve driven. Bullitt’s extra power comes thanks to Ford fiddling with the 5.0-liter and gifting the Mustang with a new ECU tune, twin throttle bodies, and an intake manifold lifted from Shelby’s GT350 Mustang. Jonathon Klein/The ManualEvery street I turn down though, after my short speedy romps, ends with a fast approaching stop sign. San Francisco is a maze of stop-and-go-and-stop streets. It’s wildly infuriating given my car-chase fantasies, none of which involve stopping every few seconds to allow another Prius or Model 3 to cross. I scream with the windows shut, “Dammit, San Francisco, don’t you know I’m Detective Frank Bullitt! I have a Mustang to slide and jump! Let me loose!” Time to cut and run. I drop a gear at the next intersection, turn left, and head east toward the highway and the Golden Gate Bridge, a gateway to the winding Sausalito mountains scything a tentacle-like path between the Pacific and San Francisco Bay — the perfect place to get into Bullitt’s real character.“Dammit, San Francisco, don’t you know I’m Detective Frank Bullitt! I have a Mustang to slide and jump! Let me loose!” The clogged San Franciscan streets give way to the perpetually fog-drenched, empty hills and mountains that also house the city’s military complexes of yesteryear. Through the arterial paths, dotted with now ancient Nike missile complexes, the special Mustang is freed from the city’s constraints. Free from its traffic. Free from stop signs every 50 yards. Free from law enforcement’s watchful eyes. A much better place for a chase. Well, at least since there’s no one around, better for a vigorous mountain run to see whether or not this car is worthy of the badge and the recognition.With the car in Track Mode, the exhaust opens wide and its snarls bounce off the mountain’s facade. But even on in the car’s everyday run-about town Quiet Mode, the exhaust emits the signature Mustang growl. That said, it could be louder. Inside, like all modern Mustangs, some of the noise is piped through its speakers. At this point, pretty much every performance car employs this sound-amplification, but I’ve never been able to come around to liking it. This motor, this badass 5.0-liter heater, sounds monstrous when you’re sitting outside the cabin and positively supernatural when it’s uncorked with an aftermarket exhaust. Lose the speakers, Ford. Let that V-8 sing. That’s really where my gripes end. The rest of the Bullitt experience is one of hastily bombing the old-growth forests of the peninsula.center_img Jonathon Klein/The Manual Are Fermented Pizzas a Trend to Watch? We Asked a Pro to Find Out Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Next Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual There’s no lingering smell of his favorite Viceroy cigarettes. No soft, 50-year-worn leather seats. No stray fibers that sloughed off the famous turtleneck. No presence of the man that made this car a legend. There’s nothing, outside its red carpet nameplate and Highland Green paint job, that truly ties Ford’s latest Bullitt Mustang to the king of cool, Steve McQueen.Yet, take a moment. Slide into the Recaro seats. Hit the starter. Grab the off-white cue ball shifter. Give the throttle a light tap and close your eyes. Sure enough, those preternatural characteristics are all there. Everything ready for a good chase.This is Bullitt, and McQueen would approve.If you haven’t watched Bullitt, 1) you’re likely under the age of 40 and 2) you’re lucky, as the movie is terrible apart from one redeemable scene: a car chase. Set between McQueen’s 1968 Highland Green Mustang GT Fastback and a 1968 Black Dodge Charger, the pursuit features McQueen following the Charger through the hilly streets of San Francisco. It’s the quintessential car chase, one that became the gold standard. Some years after the movie’s release, Mustang fans latched onto McQueen’s Mustang; both the car and movie became cult classics. Ford listened and, throughout the years, the company has put out a host of Special Edition Bullitt Mustangs. Jonathon Klein/The Manual Editors’ Recommendations Previous Jonathon Klein/The Manual Jonathon Klein/The Manual last_img read more

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The 10 Best Rums for Mixing Up Mojitos

first_imgThe mojito is a classic Cuban cocktail that is, in essence, a pumped-up rum highball. Traditionally made with white rum, sugar, lime, mint, and soda water, the drink is equal parts fresh, effervescent, citrusy, and delicious. The fairly-low alcohol content of the drink makes it a perfect sipper for summer, or really any time you want a long drink without worrying about getting too drunk.With only one alcoholic ingredient in the drink, though, it matters what rum you choose. Yes, you should also ideally use fresh mint and fresh lime juice, but if those are not available, substitutions (mint simple syrup, bottled lime juice) can do in a pinch. The rum, though — you don’t want to skimp on the rum.Below, you’ll find our picks for the best rum for mojitos and a classic recipe to use While the majority of these rums are white or silver rums, we have included a few options for those looking for rums with a little color, age, or both. For a better understanding of the spirit, here’s a breakdown of the different types of rum.If you’re inspired to make more rum drinks after finishing your mojito, here are the best rums for mixing and our top picks under $20.How to Make a MojitoVarshesh Joshi1.5 oz white rum1 oz fresh lime juice2 tsp sugar6-8 mint leavesSoda water to fillMethod: Muddle mint, sugar, and lime together in a Collins glass. Add ice, followed by rum. Top with soda water and stir to incorporate. Garnish with a lime slice and more mint.Best Rums for MojitosBayou Silver RumBayou Silver Rum is made from a blend of local, unrefined sugar cane and molasses by Bayou Rum Distillery of Louisiana. The tropical notes that underpin the sweet vanilla and butterscotch characteristics make it an easy-to-drink spirit, both on its own and as a component to a variety of cocktails — which is why Bayou Silver Rum was selected as the winner of the Best American White Rum category in the Manual Spirit Awards 2018.Kō Hana KEA White Agricole RumProduced by Kō Hana in Kunia Camp, Hawaii, KEA White Agricole is made from pressed sugar cane juice, giving it a typically funkier flavor than rums made with molasses. In addition to the funk, you’ll find tropical fruits and banana notes abundant as they mix and play with butterscotch flavors. This will make a fresh and funky mojito that’ll impress anyone. KEA was a runner-up in the Best American White Rum category in the Manual Spirit Awards 2018.Banks 5 Island RumThe number in the name of this rum does not come from the age, rather the fact that the rum is a blend of rums from five different islands (technically, it is a blend of 21 rums from six different distilleries on those five islands). The various islands all contribute different flavor components to Banks 5 Island Rum, ranging from Trinidad ’s blackstrap molasses flavors to the aromatics thanks to Jamaica’s pot stills to the spice flavors from Java and more.Mount Gay Silver RumThe only silver rum that Mount Gay produces, Silver is a mellow and soft rum that is full of banana and sugar cane syrup flavors. It is fresh and somewhat sweet, with hints of mint and citrus towards the end of the palate and into the finish. The mint notes are heightened when used in a mojito, bringing the drink to a whole new level.Flor de Caña 4Aged for four years, Flor de Caña 4 is clear as water and light-bodied making it perfect for light mixed drinks, even as simple as rum and tonic. The coconut, vanilla, and light barrel notes are enough to keep up with a bit stronger mixers as well, so grab a Flor de Caña 4 and enjoy the toasty sugar cane finish.Caña Brava RumA Panamanian rum made by “Don Pancho,” a master distiller with 45 years of experience in rum distillation, Caña Brava is a drier rum that has floral notes and honey on the nose, a silky palate rich in dark chocolate, cacao butter, vanilla, and sugar cane that finished with a long, somewhat fruity back end.Bacardí SuperiorA standard on bar shelves across the country, a mojito rum list wouldn’t be complete without Bacardí. The brand is almost synonymous with rum and its cheap price tag doesn’t take away from its distinct flavor. Its vanilla, cooked sugar, and extremely light oak can balance a cocktail without getting lost, but it can also let the mixer shine as if it’s meant to take a back seat.Plantation 3 Stars RumA blend of rums from Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad, Plantation 3 Stars Rum utilizes the different characteristics from each island (and different aged rums, ranging from unaged Barbados rum to 10-year-old Jamaican rum) to create a balanced and nuanced white rum. You’ll get brown sugar, vanilla, and honey on the nose and dark chocolate and root beer on the palate. The finish is grassy and herbal.Cruzan Aged Light RumMade using a blend of rums aged between one and four years, Cruzan Aged Light Rum is filtered after aging in American oak barrels to give the rum its straw color. Overall, the rum is dry with rich vanilla characteristics that lead to coconut and pineapple notes. The palate is smooth with a nice, clean finish.Gosling’s Gold Seal RumThe newest product from the brand known for inventing the Dark and Stormy, Gold Seal is an amber rum and somewhat of a departure from the other rums on the list. Gold Seal is made from a blend of pot still and continuous still rums, and is aged for around five years, giving it notes of toasted oak and tropical fruits on the nose, a mellow and fruity palate, and a peppery, dry finish. The Best Rums for Mixing to Turn Any Night Into Island Night Easy 3-Ingredient Cocktails You Can Master Rum 101: An Introduction to the Different Types of Rum and How They’re Made Getting to Know Rhum Agricole, Rum’s Grassy Sibling How to Make a Mojito Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

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Give Thanks for the Best Sweet Potato Beers

first_img What’s So Great About the Icelandic Hot Dog? Funky Buddha Brewery is the undisputed master of crafting beers that taste like food. From Maple Bacon Coffee Porter to Lemon Meringue Pie to French Toast Double Brown Ale, the Florida facility’s magic recipes produce beers that convey the subtlest intricacies of the original dish. Sweet Potato Casserole is no different. A tasty recreation of the southern staple, this beer has sweet potato roast, heavy spices, and yes, even marshmallow flavors.Sweet Potato StoutLazy MagnoliaAs the oldest brewery in Mississippi, Lazy Magnolia has been an active part of the craft beer renaissance, guiding its home state to more progressive alcohol legislation. Jefferson Stout was created in the dark days of Mississippi brewing, when there was a 5 percent alcohol by volume limit. But don’t let the low alcohol content keep you away from this beer, which is a milk stout big on coffee, caramel, and chocolate flavors highlighted by a full mouthfeel.Autumn MapleThe BrueryThe Bruery/FacebookAutumn Maple from California-based Bruery is brewed with 15 pounds of yams per barrel. While yams and sweet potatoes aren’t technically the same thing (sweet potatoes are members of the morning glory family, yams are related to lilies), the flavors are close enough to include this beer in the list — and what a beer it is. Pouring a gorgeous deep red, the strong spices of cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg are capped by a gently warming 10 percent ABV.Sweet Potato Soufflé Rye AleOddside AlesSweet Potato Soufflé is an old ale brewed with sweet potatoes and lactose. Post-fermentation, it’s aged in rye whiskey barrels and spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. Like its namesake dish, you should expect the warming sensation of the baking spices to combine with the lactose-thickened beer to forge an excellent dessert beverage that will complement any holiday meal. It’s on the boozy side at 11 percent ABV, which makes it a solid choice to balance out the drama of family dinners.Yammy YammyPlatform Beer Co.Platform Beer Co./FacebookCleveland’s Platform Beer Co. makes the excellent root vegetable beer Yammy Yammy. Formerly known as Yamma Jamma, this beer features roasted sweet potatoes augmented by the complementary flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. As the ale warms, expect the sweetness to give way to a dry earthiness belying its ingredients.Along with brews like Carver by Fullsteam in North Carolina and Taterlicious by Georgia brewpub Moon River Brewing Company, sweet potatoes (and yams) have proven to be a delicious alternative to the now standard fall pumpkin beer, and have earned a place at the Thanksgiving table. The Best Fresh Hop Beers to Celebrate the Hop Harvest Why Tea and Beer Go Well Together (and 5 Tea Beers to Try) Editors’ Recommendations center_img Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to honor the simple sweet potato. A harvest season staple that is versatile enough to be used everything from savory side dishes to sugary desserts, the sweet potato also makes a fine adjunct for adventurous brewers. While pumpkin beers get all the headlines, these sweet potato beers are quickly accumulating fans during the cooler months of fall. If you’re looking for a fall brew that your friends and family probably haven’t had before, we suggest picking up one of these five best sweet potato beers below.Sweet Potato CasseroleFunky Buddha Brewery Getting to Know Rhum Agricole, Rum’s Grassy Sibling The Best Coffee-Infused Beers to Flip All the Switcheslast_img read more

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VW Actor to Help Promote Brand Jamaica

first_imgActor, Erik Nicolaisen, who starred in the Volkswagen (VW) “Get Happy” commercial, is in the island at the invitation of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) to participate in promotional activities for destination Jamaica.Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill, and Director of Tourism, John Lynch, were on hand to greet Mr. Nicolaisen on his arrival on Monday, February 18, at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. The actor’s Jamaican brother-in law, Robert Murphy, also made the trip.In the popular commercial, aired during the American Super Bowl earlier this month, Mr. Nicolaisen plays a happy office worker, who speaks with a Jamaican accent. It also features a rendition of The Partridge Family’s theme song, ‘Get Happy’ sung by reggae icon, Jimmy Cliff.In commending the actor, Minister NcNeill said the commercial generated a lot of recognition for the country.He said over the next few days, Mr. Nicolaisen will be travelling across the island, visiting attractions and filming videos to be used in some of the JTB’s promotional activities.“I think that the association with Jamaica is going to be a good one and that it can go a long way in promoting Jamaica, both here and abroad. You are a very recognisable face here in Jamaica, so your visit should be a very interesting one,” Dr. McNeill said.In his reply, Mr. Nicolaisen said he is happy and honoured to have participated in the VW commercial and also for the opportunity provided to further promote a country he admires.“What a lovely opportunity to be able to represent a culture that I appreciate and I have come to understand as a fan of Reggae music and a student of Jamaica since I was a little kid. What an opportunity; and I am just trying to embrace it and just enjoy myself in all of this,” Mr. Nicolaisen stated.“I want to thank the Jamaica Tourist Board for bringing me here. If I can come down and act to help Brand Jamaica, what a joy … that’s why I am here,” he added.The Tourism Director, in welcoming Mr. Nicolaisen, said he has been a “good ambassador” for Jamaica.last_img read more

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Major Upgrading for St. Ann’s Bay Hospital

first_imgMONTEGO BAY – One of the facilities in the Health sector where major upgrading works will be carried out in the coming months is the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital, in St. Ann.Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson, tells JIS News that there has been an increase in the Capital allocation for the health sector for 2013/14, pointing out that approximately $2 billion has been allocated for development projects, as against $611 million which was allocated last year.This, he says, will facilitate the planned improvements at health facilities across the island, including the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital.Recently the Minister broke ground for a 47-bed female medical ward at the hospital, to be constructed at a cost of $73 million.The health facility currently has a 250-bed capacity, and is the regional referral hospital for the North Eastern parishes of St. Ann, St. Mary and Portland. It provides a range of services to an estimated population of approximately 365,000 persons.The decision to add the female medical ward came about after Minister Ferguson visited the hospital in November 2012, and was briefed on the need for such a facility.“On that occasion I gave my word to have the ward added, recognizing that one of the main problems that was affecting the throughput, relative to the accident and emergency area, was the absence of a female medical ward,” the Minister says.The project, which includes the construction of the ward, two on-call rooms for doctors, a conference room, a staff room, a Sister’s Office and a medical department, is scheduled to be completed in eight months, and will increase the hospital’s overall bed capacity by approximately 20 percent.Also on the agenda for the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital for this financial year is the building of an Obstetric Operating Theatre and a maternal high dependency unit.“In fact, this has been put in the Ministry’s 2013/2014 budget. This is expected to take us closer toward meeting our Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) with respect to improvements in the maternal, infant and child mortality ratios,” the Health Minister stated, while addressing the ground breaking ceremony for the female medical ward.He tells JIS News that with overseas partners presenting the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital with two refurbished ambulances on April 9, and the Ministry’s plan to purchase 17 more ambulances by September this year to distribute to health facilities across the island, the hospital should have adequate ambulance service in the future.The Minister says that all these improvements are with a view to moving the health service at the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital to another level.“It is my intention, and that of the Government of Jamaica, that the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital must become a Centre of Excellence,” Dr. Ferguson emphasizes.He adds that some four Centres of Excellence in the area of primary health care are also being established across the island.The Minister notes that all this is taking place against the background of the Government continuing to embrace a patient centred approach to health care delivery.Meanwhile, Mayor of St. Ann’s Bay, Councillor Desmond Gilmore, tells JIS News that the improvements at the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital could not have come at a better time, bearing in mind the relevance of that health facility to the demand of local citizens and overseas visitors to the North Coast.For her part, Senior Medical Officer of Health at the facility, Dr. Nicole Dawkins, says the improvements will have a tremendous impact on service delivery at the institution.last_img read more

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Gov’t Implementing Road Safety Measures

first_imgMinister without portfolio in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, Hon. Dr. Morais Guy, says the Government is committed to ensuring road safety, through legislative and other measures.He was speaking on Wednesday, May 15, at the launch of the 5th Jamaica Driver and Traffic Safety Expo and the 2nd Road Safety 5K, held at the Ministry in Kingston.Among the initiatives is a revision of the Road Traffic Act of 1938 to “acutely and adequately address the current challenges in the transportation sector… and will ensure that road safety issues are addressed according to 21st century requirements,” Dr. Guy said.He informed that the revision is in its final stages and the Act is expected to be passed during this parliamentary year.It addresses the use of mobile phones when driving and the implementation of a three stage driver’s licensing system, which is aimed at improving the competency of Jamaican drivers.Dr. Guy noted that at the organisational level, every effort is being made to increase the competency of drivers and to reduce fraud, which may compromise the effectiveness of the system.“Once the new Act is passed, driving schools and instructors will be required to be certified by the Island Traffic Authority and adhere to an approved curriculum, which will address issues such as defensive driving,” he stated.For his part, Chairman of the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) and Patron of the 5K/Expo, Milton Samuda, said the message of road safety continues to be relevant to every Jamaican.He noted that despite a successful Below 300 campaign, which saw road fatalities moving from 308 in 2011 to 260 in 2012, this year has seen an increase in such fatalities.So far, 10 children have been killed in road traffic crashes as compared to three in 2012. Overall there have been 94 fatalities compared with 85 last year. Additionally, there have been 86 fatal collisions, up from 71. Pedestrian fatalities have increased by 23 per cent; motorcycle fatalities by 67 per cent; and pedal cycle fatalities by 167 per cent.Mr. Samuda noted that while the Government and other stakeholders continue to work towards a reduction in road crashes, there is also a great need for a change in the mindset of some road users.“I believe that our behaviour on our roadways is symptomatic of the breakdown of discipline and order,” he remarked.He noted that “if we make our roadways areas of order, courtesy, discipline, and an adherence to rules, we not only contribute to the campaign to reduce road crashes and fatalities, but we also contribute to the overarching goal of creating an environment conducive to the investment and economic growth, we so desperately require”.The Road Safety 5K will be held on Saturday, June 1. It will start at 7:00 a.m. at the Grennell’s Driving School on Mona Road in St. Andrew. Proceeds from the event will go towards purchasing of well-needed equipment for the Jamaica Fire Brigade and the Percy Junor Hospital in Portland.The Jamaica Driver and Traffic Safety Expo, which is being held under theme: ‘Road Safety: No Time for Complacency’, is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 15 at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in Kingston, starting at 10: 00 a.m.Contact: Athaliah Reynolds-Bakerlast_img read more

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Diaspora Technology Task Force Members Seeks IT Consultants

first_img Diaspora Technology Task Force member and small business owner, Devon Lewis, is here to explore hiring Information Technology (IT) consultants in Jamaica to support his client-base in the United States of America.With his business providing IT training and IT consultants to the US market, the small business owner told JIS News that he attended the Diaspora 55 Conference in an effort to understand the state of the education system as it relates to IT at the Secondary as well as the Tertiary levels.The entrepreneur, who has been in the US for over 30 years, said he has an online school, and will be seeking teachers to teach courses online from Jamaica.Additionally, he is looking to hire staff to support his consultancy.Some areas that the entrepreneur is looking at are: network engineering, coding and programming.He is seeking to get these professionals utilising online platforms to connect him to local virtual resources.Mr. Lewis said he is still analyzing the professional landscape here, highlighting that he endorses working from home.“If people can get paid a decent amount of money without having to get out of their pajamas, I am okay with that as long as the job gets done,” he said.He said that the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference gave him access to a lot of people who were able to answer a lot of his questions. Diaspora Technology Task Force member and small business owner, Devon Lewis, is here to explore hiring Information Technology (IT) consultants in Jamaica to support his client-base in the United States of America. The entrepreneur, who has been in the US for over 30 years, said he has an online school, and will be seeking teachers to teach courses online from Jamaica. Additionally, he is looking to hire staff to support his consultancy.center_img Story Highlightslast_img read more

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