The absence of Benzema rehabilitates Mariano

first_imgMariano is the only player (along with Asensio, long-term injured) who has not yet played any minute in the official match this season. But you can have your chance and be key in the Spanish Super Cup. In the absence of Benzema, Zidane has included hispanodominicano in the final call of 18 players for the semifinal against Valencia. This is the second time Mariano has been on a list this campaign.. The previous one was in Mallorca, in a match in which the French coach had it as a replacement in his initial bet of playing with two strikers. Benzema and Jovic made headlines that day. The Supercopa can suppose a certain redemption for a Mariano sentenced almost from the start of the campaign. He refused the offers to leave that he had in summer because they did not satisfy his economic pretensions or his sporting ambitions. And this despite In the pre-season friendlies Zidane made it clear his role in the team. Mariano only played 41 minutes, both in the matches of the Audi Cup: 11 ‘against Tottenham and 30’ against Fenerbahçe. The goal was scored by the goal that closed the victory (5-3) against the Turks. Canteranos as De la Fuente, Seoane (now in Huesca) or Javi Hernández played more than Mariano. Finished the preparation, the club took the 7 to give it to Hazard.Suitors do not lack if Madrid takes it to market this winter and the player agrees to leave. Lyon and Espanyol have shown their interest in getting their services … and their goals. Last season, in which his role was also minimal, he scored 4 goals in 746 minutes played (one every 186.5 ‘).last_img read more

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Cologne resumes climbing and Wolfsburg cuts its crisis

first_imgThe Colony of Markus Gisdol chained a fabulous streak to get out of the descent. Four straight wins that Dortmund cut last weekend. However, he confirmed his improvement against Freiburg, a team that looks to Europe.The clash was uneven at half an hour with a goal from Belgian Sebastiaan Bornauw and at the start of the second half the Colombian Jhon Cordoba scored the second.The win arrived in the added time. In minute 91 the Dutchman Kingsley Ehizibue scored and two later closed the Ismail Jakobs marker.The Cologne, still located in the lower zone of the classification, is six points from the second to last, Werder Bremen, which marks the promotion, and seven from Fortuna Dusseldorf, in decline. The Wolfsburg, weighed down by its latest results, took advantage of the visit to the field of the colista, the Paderborn to meet again the triumph (2-4) and get out of the Bundesliga crisis.A draw and three defeats betrayed the difficulties of the Wolfsburg that ran into a score against and that finally straightened the score when the locals stayed with ten players, in the half hour, for the expulsion of Gerrit Holtmann.Until that moment the crash was even. Ben Zolinski scored for Paderborn and Robin Knoche, then made the draw for Oliver Glasner’s picture.It was Daniel Ginczek who unbalanced the game. He advanced to wolfsburg five minutes before intermission and at the time of play he scored the third.The Paderborn, who resists losing the category and has shown signs of improvement in recent days, returned to get into the game despite the inferiority with the goal of the Greek Sebastian Vasiliadis in 72. But Maximilian Arnold, four later , widened the advantage again and closed the victory for visitors.The three points leave Wolfsburg in the upper half of the table although seven in the European zone. The Paderborn of Steffen Baumgart returns to the queue of the classification to two of the promotion marked by Werder Bremen and three of the salvation established by the Mainz.last_img read more

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“The irresponsible thing would be not to exhaust all avenues to play”

first_imgAnd does it help to have increased the wage bill from 55 to about 80 million in a year?It is clear that the more you spend, the sooner the problems come, but they would not have existed without coronaviruses. We were not worried, it was done because it could be done, because millions entered the group stage of the Europa League … The salary limit is so that we do not go crazy and put the clubs at risk. I always prefer to be a little below to be cautious, but given the situation of the team it was decided to go to the limit. Even so, he would not undo any of the signings that were made in winter, due to commitment, desire and results. Just in case, and knowing that Espanyol is bottom, does he work on a plan A in First and a B in Second?We are working on all the possibilities, up to a point so as not to go crazy. Last year we made plans in case we were going to Europe, and that at this time we were quite far. Things will always catch you by surprise, but that at least you have thought of surprises. We will have to wait. The uncertainty right now is total. Immersed Espanyol in a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) and in the uncertainty of whether it will maintain the category, his vice president, Carlos García Pont, proclaimed this Monday in an institutional message that parakeets can contribute to building a better society. Since his confinement too he chatted long and long with AS. Does being a parakeet really help in a time of such adversity?One of Espanyol’s strong points is the values ​​of sport, because we are used to fighting with humility and ambition. Now just that happens: the more difficulties you have, the more effort you have to put in.Why did Espanyol rush to announce an ERTE?When we see the economic consequences that this pandemic can have, it is an act of responsibility not to risk your club. And about transparency, talk to all the players so that things are very clear. The response from the footballers and all those affected has been very positive, from Espanyol. And we have already told you, despite the fact that the ERTE does not oblige us to do so, that if the budgeted income ends up being met, this entire cut will be canceled.Can losses be quantified?A boat soon, television accounts for 70 percent of the total income of Espanyol. That means, for what remains to be disputed, that 20 percent of our income is at stake, not counting sponsorships, ticketing and other imponderables. In the first three classifieds, television will represent a lower percentage and in others it will be 80 percent, but in the end we are all in the same boat. We have a very healthy balance sheet but a treasury situation that is not so much. It is like having a house that is worth a million with a mortgage of only 200,000 euros but not being able to pay it: with the treasury, if income is not met, we will suffer. “With the treasury situation, if income is not met we will suffer” “In the winter market it was decided to go to the limit. Still, he would not undo any of the signings” “If LaLiga doesn’t resume? Anything that hasn’t happened by 30 percent hasn’t happened”center_img “The castle has collapsed but not because of playing cards but because an earthquake has occurred” “It seems that Thebes is the one who has pledged, but they cut me 20 percent of the budget and I ask Thebes what he can do” We understand that the capital increase of 50 million by Chen Yansheng is left out of all this, right?Yes, yes, this is already done. Before, the banks told us that we had debts, but they were with Chen, who could not convert them due to the Chinese government. As soon as it has been possible, it has been fulfilled.I was asking because the first capital increase, which he did in 2016, was going to be 150 million but Chen only covered 75 …Yes, there are people who accuse us of not having covered it. But that has a simple explanation. The idea was to do it in two parts, but we were not going to call an Extraordinary Meeting to approve two extensions. So it was approved for 150 million. The thing was, when the top 75 had been put in, the Chinese government halted the next investment.What is Espanyol’s position on the resumption of LaLiga?Everyone in the world of soccer likes things to be played and not resolutions that do not go through a field. LaLiga, the Federation and the AFE in fact agree that it is played, the players also want, because it is their thing, as long as their health is obviously not at risk. It seems that Thebes is the one who has pledged, but they cut me 20 percent of the budget and I ask Thebes what he can do. If I have the factory stopped, I must try to produce before throwing 30 people on the street. Irresponsibility would be not trying to exhaust the possibilities so that it can be played. Does the $ 40 million investment in the winter market turn these treasury tensions into a perfect storm?It is evident that the treasury problems derived from the pandemic are aggravated by this, but they are not the cause, among other things, because good payment terms were agreed. The castle has collapsed but not because of playing cards but because an earthquake has occurred. The thing is that this happens through games behind closed doors …Now, now … Damn the grace that makes us. Soccer is a spectacle. We go to the field to hug each other with the guy next door, to enjoy what our team does or to console ourselves when things don’t work out. Watching it on TV is fine, but it’s not the same. Football does not belong to the owner of the club, but to the people. The companies belong to those who support them. Espanyol belongs to parakeets. Playing behind closed doors is the same disappointment for players as it is for fans. But the tessitura is not easy. What do we do? Do not play? All parties are going to try to play in all ways until it cannot be done, and that is where the criteria meet.What is, at that point, the criteria of Espanyol?In case you couldn’t play, you can already imagine it, I prefer not to contemplate it. Anything that has not happened by 30 percent has not happened. And that is what remains to play for LaLiga. In law terms this is called the possibility. I can go to the Tokyo Games if I train a lot, potentially it is not impossible, but it will not happen.last_img read more

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“After the heart attack I was afraid to walk, to sleep …”

first_imgAsked about an eventual return to soccer, Casillas emphasized that this will depend exclusively on the medical decision. The goalkeeper will not put his life at risk. “We have to be realist. The most important thing is my health, “he said. The heart attack brought the Casillas stage to a halt in Porto. He was at his best on the Portuguese team and that left him ‘touched’. Iker acknowledged that the first month after his admission to the hospital was the worst: “After the heart attack, I was sad for about a month, I was afraid to walk, sleep and make some physical effort. It was impossible. Not now, I feel good. But I also have a lot of medication that makes me feel good. I think that only doctors can say what I can or cannot do, “concluded the ex-guard of Real Madrid and the National Team, who has launched himself in the race to preside over the Spanish Football Federation. Almost a year ago, on May 1, 2019, Iker Casillas suffered an acute myocardial infarction. Since then, the goalkeeper has focused on fully recovering, without setting deadlines for a possible return to football activity or to announce the withdrawal, although On February 17, he opened a channel that talks about his intentions for a short-term future: he presented his candidacy to preside over the Spanish Football Federation. Much has changed in Casillas’ life since May 1. “Some things have changed, mainly in my head. I began to value moments more. Sometimes we, the players, do not value what we have and we do not believe that we can make many people happy and that has changed a little, “said the goalkeeper on the program FC Porto at home, issued through the official channels of what is still his club (renewed last year until 2021), statements reproduced by A Bola.last_img read more

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Arbitration dilemma: return of soccer with two regulations

first_imgChanges to the rules that take effect from June 1-The limit for the difference between hand and shoulder is established. If the ball hits a part of the lower arm to the armpit, it will be considered an infraction; it will not be such if it hits the area between the armpit and the shoulder. A situation that has occurred on several occasions this season in LaLiga and that the referees did not have a unified criterion to know what to whistle. For example, in Granada-Valladolid on matchday 24, Puertas scored a goal when the ball hit him in that area between the armpit and the shoulder. Jaime Latre was checking the action in the VAR for more than two and a half minutes and in the end he decided to recommend Martínez Munuera, the field referee, to go see him because he considered that it should be canceled. The referee, after seeing him on the monitor, did not agree with the criteria of his partner and maintained the goal.-With regard to penalties, if the goalkeeper breaks the rules of game, but the ball won’t go in in goal or bounce on the posts or the crossbar, the shot will not be repeated unless the infringement goalkeeper clearly influence the executor. If it was decided to report the infringement, firstly, the referee would be verbally warned and if he is recurring, he would be shown yellow. This season, in First Division, they have had to repeat even several times a penalty because the goalkeeper was ahead.-Another of the indications that are reflected in the regulation is the reminder for all competitions of the need to go check the subjective plays on the VAR monitor. As AS said, this point of the IFAB regulation will not affect the work dynamics of the Spanish referees because they are already following these steps, but rather from leagues such as the Premier, who hardly go to the monitor in these situations. The application that the Spanish braids give to the VAR protocol is considered as the example to be followed by the rest of the European referees. Soccer will return in almost all countries from June. By then, all competitions will be faced with a dilemma. On the 1st of said month, the new football rules approved by the IFAB come into force.. It is not a great variation in the regulation, as happened a year ago, but it is enough to modify the criteria of various regulations, which it could mean that some clubs feel disadvantaged because an action could be punished or not in March, before the world stopped, and in June it may be the opposite.Under normal circumstances, as of June 1, all competitions have already ended the season, but given the exceptional situation, IFAB has foreseen the conflict of a possible change of criteria in all the championships and all the protests that would come behind. Therefore, it leaves to each federation the decision to end the remainder of the season with the old regulations or implement the change in the remaining days. from 2019-20. In Spain, the Arbitration Committee It does not have an official position on this matter yet, but It’s closer, and surely it is the one that assumes, not to adopt the new regulation in the remaining eleven days so as not to modify the criteria and also avoid any controversy.Although I will not change the regulations when being in the middle of the season, if it would if IFAB approves FIFA’s recent proposal to expand the number of substitutions by matches during this season finale to avoid injuries and not put footballers at risk after so much time of inactivity and with a very collapsed schedule of matches. These five substitutions should be made in just three moments of the match or to rest so as not to slow down the pace of the match. According to IFAB sources consulted by AS, the proposal has been well received by this body and they intend to give a quick response so that the first competitions that are resumed have the possibility of adopting this type of referee ‘bull’.last_img read more

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