Government’s last minute reversal on life jackets

first_img3 News 24 June 2012A 3 News investigation has uncovered that the Government backed off making lifejacket wearing compulsory on all small water craft, just a week before it was to be signed off. The reversal was made despite official advice saying the change could help prevent 10 deaths a year. Now one maritime expert says the Government must take some responsibility for unnecessary deaths. On the country’s busiest waterway, the Waitemata Harbour, boaties continue to head out without wearing a lifejacket. But they don’t have to wear them – it’s only compulsory to carry them. “If we keep allowing people to drown themselves, unless we make a rule change and start affecting some compliance on it, we’re going to continue to see more deaths,” says editor of Professional Skipper Magazine Keith Ingram. read more

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Bill to decriminalize polygamy earns unanimous approval from Utah Senate committee

first_imgThe Salt Lake Tribune 12 February 2020Family First Comment: As we predicted would happen….Remove the gender. Why not the number?“Ora Barlow, who was raised in a polygamous community, said she realized that all her life she had been thought of as property but the law was on her side. “The law is there for a reason,” Barlow said. “And it’s for people like me who feel trapped.””#MarriageOneManOneWomanDraper shared her story Monday with members of the Utah Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee, which voted unanimously to endorse a bill that would effectively decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults. “The law is there for a reason,” Barlow said. “And it’s for people like me who feel trapped.” Angela Kelly, Sound Choices Coalition director, compared polygamy to organized crime and slavery. To ease the criminal penalties, she said, would encourage more people to live that way. She testified alongside the bill’s sponsor, Spanish Fork Republican Sen. Deidre Henderson, who argued to her Senate colleagues that the state’s current law classifying polygamy as a felony is unenforceable absent other crimes.But several members of the public, including former polygamists, spoke against SB102 during Monday’s hearing. “To bring it down to an infraction, you’re essentially saying this is an OK lifestyle,” Kelly said. “And it might be for 10 people, but we’re talking about society as a whole.”Ora Barlow, who was raised in a polygamous community, said she felt free when the leaders of her church were imprisoned and prosecuted. She realized that all her life she had been thought of as property, she said, but the law was on her side. Easton Harvey, with the anti-polygamy Sound Choices Coalition, said criminalization is a social policy for all of Utah. And the reason that members of a polygamous community are afraid to report crimes is not because they’ll be charged as criminals by outsiders, he said, but because of the fear of being ostracized from within or subject to divine punishment.“The primary reason they do not report crimes is because of a weaponized God,” Harvey said, “because of weaponized scripture, because they’re trying to protect their priesthood.” If the SB102 becomes law, polygamy among consenting adults would be reduced to an infraction — a level below many traffic offenses. Infractions in Utah carry no jail time. Punishments can be fines of up to $750 and community service.READ MORE: read more

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Mali groups clash again ahead of talks in Niger

first_imgTuareg rebels in northern Mali attacked the positions of a pro-government militia on Monday, in fighting that is undermining government attempts to pacify the region, sources from both groups said.Secessionist Tuaregs signed a peace agreement in June that Western countries, including France, hope will allow the Malian army to focus on stamping out Islamist groups, some of them linked to al-Qaeda.But tensions have been rising again, and neighbouring Niger is due to host talks to ease the situation on Wednesday.A spokesperson for the Platform, an alliance of pro-government groups, said fighters from the Tuareg Co-ordination of Azawad Movements (CMA) had attacked two Platform positions in the early morning, in the third day of clashes. “I think that they are looking for a pretext to boycott the meeting in Niamey by saying there are clashes in the north,” said Fahad Ag Almahamoud, a leader of the Gatia militia, which belongs to the Platform.last_img read more

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US directs $45m to support fight against Boko Haram

first_imgUS President Barrack Obama on Thursday authorized $45 million in defense aid to five West African countries to support their efforts in battling islamist militant group Boko Haram.Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria and Niger will receive support in terms of training and military equipment from the United States to help defeat the group that continues to cause a huge threat to security in the region.The National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said that the authorization will enable Secretary of State John Kerry to provide critical airlift support and other assistance, including helping the Lake Chad Basin countries to move troops and equipment to the border region from which Boko Haram terrorists continue to launch brutal attacks on civilians.Ned also said the the US will continue to provide advisors and share information to counter Boko Haram’s operations, as well as support victims and to counter extremism programming.The announcement comes after President Muhammadu Buhari visited Washington and Obama said his administration would again give military aid to Abuja after a dispute with former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan.last_img read more

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Implants: France recommends removal but UK does not

first_img Share Tweet Share Sharing is caring! HealthLifestyle Implants: France recommends removal but UK does not by: – December 23, 2011center_img 9 Views   no discussions Globally, it is thought more than 300,000 implants were sold by PIP in the last 12 yearsThe French authorities have recommended that 30,000 women have faulty breast implants removed as a precaution.The government, which says there is no evidence of a cancer link, will cover the cost. The implants by French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) were banned last year after they were found to contain a non-medical grade silicone filler. But the UK government ruled out routine removal, saying there was “no evidence” of a safety concern.It is thought some 40,000 British women have the implants.Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: “At the moment we are are in a position where we have no evidence of a link to cancer. “We have no evidence of toxicity, we have no evidence of substantial difference in terms of ruptures of these implants compared to others. “So we don’t have a safety concern that would be the basis for the routine removal of these implants.”The UK medicines watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), has said there is no need for women with PIP implants to have them removed. However, anyone with concerns should contact their surgeon or clinic. The French health ministry said women with PIP implants did not have a higher risk of cancer than women with implants made by other companies, but said there were “well-established risks of ruptures”. Health Minister Xavier Bertrand urged French women to have the implants removed as a “preventive measure,” but said that it was not “urgent.”The corrective surgery will be paid for out of public health funds but the French state will only pay for a new implant if the treatment was done as part of reconstructive surgery following breast cancer. ‘Seek advice’Eight cases of cancer have been reported in women with the implants but the French authorities say these are not necessarily linked to faulty implants.PIP used non-medical grade silicone believed to be made for mattresses, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). This meant the low-cost devices were more likely to split.Of the 30,000 fitted in France, more than 1,000 have ruptured.PIP went into administration last year and the use of its implants was banned. At least 250 British women are taking legal action against the clinics that treated them. “We would have preferred to sue PIP, obviously, but they are bankrupt so they have no money and no assets,” lawyer Mark Harvey told Reuters. More than 300,000 implants are believed to have been sold globally by PIP over the last 12 years in some 65 countries. More than half of its exports went to South America, including to Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. In Brazil, some 25,000 women are believed to have had the implants, the AFP news agency reports. Western Europe was another major market. As well as the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and Ukraine are known to have imported PIP silicon sacs. BBC News Sharelast_img read more

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CTO Secretary General highlights opportunities through partnership

first_imgLocalNews CTO Secretary General highlights opportunities through partnership by: – July 4, 2011 Tweet Share 9 Views   no discussions Sharecenter_img Share (Roseau Dominica – July 4, 2011) Mr. Hugh Riley, Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) met with representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association (DHTA), and Ministry of Trade on Thursday June 30, 2011.  During the presentation, appropriately titled “What Happens To Your Money”, Mr Riley outlined some benefits available to CTO members through marketing, human resource development and training, and advocacy representation, among others.  Through its Human Resources department, CTO is proposing the Total Visitor Satisfaction (TVS) programme, which proposes destination certification on a series of criteria, including user-friendliness, local accessibility, environmental responsibility, and overall visitor appeal.  TVS aims at making the Caribbean a region of clean, efficient, environmentally conscious, hospitable destinations focused on satisfying current visitors, generating repeat business, and encouraging them to become ambassadors for our countries. Whispers from Locals, is a new marketing programme that allows travellers to discover insider destination information not usually found on websites or in brochures or magazines through stories and tips as told by locals.  The Caribbean Tourism Development Company (CTDC) is another marketing avenue used by the CTO, in partnership with the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) to promote, protect, advance, and enhance the Caribbean brand through web, print, trade and consumer shows, advertising programmes and extensive public relations coverage of the region and individual destinationsThe private sector representatives showed great interest in the Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficiency Action Programme (CHENACT), a two year programme meant to drive the Caribbean hotels to implement energy efficient practices.  Although the programme is coming to a close the CTO, CHTA, and Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST) are seeking funding to implement another round.Over the last few years, the CTO has been championing the lobby to the United Kingdom government against the new Air Passenger Duty (APD) on behalf of the region and the Secretary General was pleased to announce the progress, and noted that the organization continues to address concerns in the region related to access into and within the region. Following the presentation, Mr. Riley and DDA CEO, Colin Piper hosted members of the local media in a short press conference.Photo credit: onecaribbean.orgPress ReleaseDiscover Dominica Authority Sharing is caring!last_img read more

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RE-ELECTED: Voters accept NRP’s slogan that Performance Matters

first_img 20 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share Share Sharecenter_img Premier Parry. Photo credit: nevisblog.comCHARLESTOWN, Nevis, CMC – The ruling Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) won Monday’s election in a replay of the 2006 poll when it won three seats in the eight member- Nevis Island Administration (NIA), according to the preliminary results issued here on early Tuesday.NRP leader and premier easily won the St. Thomas seat, which he has been representing since 1987, polling 535 vote to the 173 won by Keith Scarborough, the calypsonian making his debut in the polls on behalf of the main opposition Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM).The NRP candidate for St. Paul’s Robelto Hector also retained the seat, defeating the CCM’s Michael Perkins by a margin of 822 to 619 votes.NRP deputy leader Hensley Daniel was victorious in the island’s largest district of St. John, polling 1,358 votes to the CCM’s Deputy Leader Mark Brantley’s 1,344. Former premier Vance Amory, who has now led the CCM into two consecutive defeats, retained the St. George’s seat which he has held for 14 years , polling 753 votes to the NRP’s Patricia Hanley 246 votes.Attorney General of St. Kitts and Nevis, Patrice Nisbett, was defeated in the St. James constituency after the CCM’s Alexis Jeffers polled 833 votes to Nisbett’s 796.NRP supporters took to the streets during the early hours of the morning to celebrate the victory.The campaign for the elections had been marred by allegations of voter irregularities and an attempt by the CCM to get the High Court here to stop the poll.However Justice Mario Michel ruled last week that the polls would go ahead since the court had no jurisdiction to stop the elections. He however ruled that the names of five persons that had been taken off the voters list be reinstated.Electoral officials said that 9, 260 persons were eligible to cast ballots in the election.The eight-member NIA will be completed when three persons are nominated to serve a five-year term. NewsRegional RE-ELECTED: Voters accept NRP’s slogan that Performance Matters by: – July 12, 2011 Tweetlast_img read more

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Pointe Michel to benefit from Marian teachings tonight

first_img Share Tweet Share 30 Views   no discussions Photo credit: catholic-convert.comThe culmination of a series of Marian teachings is expected to get underway in the Point Michel community tonight.Member of the Pointe Michel Committee Ophelia Marie says the event is in keeping with plans to unit community members.She says it is also used as a time to reflect.“The national shrine persons in Pointe Michel use to come together on or about the 19th of every month to look at the areas by which Mary was used to bring people closer to God. I am hoping that persons would come together because it’s a moment to receive a blessing. We believe that it’s always good to call people together to pray.She said further that the moment will also be used to reflect and pray.The event will take place at 6pm on tonight.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img Share FaithLifestyleLocalNews Pointe Michel to benefit from Marian teachings tonight by: – September 2, 2011 Sharing is caring!last_img read more

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Bahamas chief justice warns government on bail bill

first_img Share NewsRegional Bahamas chief justice warns government on bail bill by: – September 27, 2011 Tweet 28 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett. Image via:bahamaspress.comNASSAU, Bahamas — As part of its response to the high level of violent crime, the Bahamas government is preparing to introduce in Parliament a bill to address the issue of bail, but Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett has warned that judges will ignore any law that offends the constitution.“I am aware that the government intends to table legislation in the upcoming weeks to deal with the criminal justice system — that’s what the minister of national security said — but at the end of the day it must always be remembered that Parliament is not sovereign,” Sir Michael told The Nassau Guardian.“Parliament is not supreme. It is subject to the constitution and whatever laws they pass must be able to pass constitutional muster. They can not infringe on those rights guaranteed by the constitution which we as the members of the judiciary are sworn to uphold.”In its Speech from the Throne read by the governor general last year, the government said, “A number of persons, who commit crimes, do so whilst on bail pending trial for other offences.“An amendment to the Bail Act will be placed before you to further restrict the right to bail for persons charged with serious crimes, and to limit the circumstances under which bail may be granted.”The Bail Bill is one of several the government has promised to introduce as part of its package of crime-fighting legislation.Bills to modernize the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code are also expected.Sir Michael warned about the Bail Bill in an interview with The Nassau Guardian on Friday during which time he responded to criticisms Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest made about judges.Turnquest hit out at judges on Thursday, suggesting that some of them are too lenient in granting bail to people charged with serious crimes like murder.He said if they were elected officials they would have been chased out of town.At last report, more than 100 suspects charged with murder were on bail.So far for this year, 103 murders have been recorded.With a rising number of murder cases, the Office of the Attorney General is finding it increasingly difficult to prosecute these matters quickly, The Nassau Guardian understands.The Guardian reported extensively on Sir Michael’s rebuke of Turnquest’s comments, which the minister made at a Rotary club meeting.But he said much more.“There’s a reason judges have been given constitutional tenure, to insulate them against capricious behavior,” Sir Michael said in that interview at his office downtown.“We are there because it’s important that judges be given the security and independence to do their work as they understand the law to be.”Sir Michael said everybody must be frustrated by the high level of crime and judges are not insensitive to that.“And I think anyone would be naive to believe that there’s any one reason that causes the problems that we’ve had,” he said.“The problems that we’ve had have been developing over the years and the solution is not obvious. The solution is not so simple. If it was I think the problems would have been solved not only in The Bahamas but the rest of the world a long time ago.“The problems are complex. There are many participants in the detection, apprehension and successful prosecution [of a suspect]…There are challenges. There are challenges for everybody.”Sir Michael spoke with The Nassau Guardian just before having a meeting with Supreme Court judges to discuss challenges they face and solutions to make the judicial system more efficient.“I believe that with the additional courts and with additional judges — I do believe we are looking for persons to serve on the bench particularly those persons capable of presiding over criminal trials,” he told The Guardian. “If we can have six courts in New Providence operating simultaneously, presiding over criminal trials, that would be better than having four courts as presently exist. It’s good that we have the court in Grand Bahama presiding over criminal trials year round.”Asked what he thought of Minister Turnquest’s public criticism of judges, Sir Michael said, “I don’t know why people do the things that they do and why people say the things that they say.“All I can say is that while I respect their right to articulate their views, one must be careful in attacking the judiciary to undermine the public confidence in the judiciary.“You must be careful that when you speak that you are familiar with matters that are before the courts and we are always sensitive to the balancing act that judges must play.“And that balancing act is not simply the needs of the society. It is also the rights of persons accused of offences. We don’t have the ability to ride roughshod on those rights and we also have to guard against abuse by persons who are able to abuse.“We do still have proof of guilt at a certain standard in order to deprive a person of their liberty.”By Candia DamesNassau Guardian News Editorlast_img read more

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Dominicans saddened by death of Shernel Prince

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Share Share Sharecenter_img LocalNews Dominicans saddened by death of Shernel Prince by: – March 27, 2012 61 Views   5 comments Dominicans are still grief stricken by the death of 20 year old Shernel Prince of Wesley who was flown to Trinidad to undergo heart surgery.Shernel Prince. Photo via: Facebook profile.Parliamentary Representative for the Wesley Constituency Gloria Shillingford has extended her sympathy to the family and relatives of Shernel Prince.In a press statement Shillingford said; “I don’t think that there is anything more painful than the loss of a child. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Shernel Prince”. Shillingford who taught Prince described her as “quiet, respectful and always full of God’s joy”.She explained further that Shernel “kept active in her church and was loved by us all. Who can forget that smiling face or her love of dance?”According to Shillingford, “When she left for Trinidad I stayed out on the porch so I could say a prayer as the plane took off asking God to be with her” and that Prince seemed “resolute and focused on making it through” when she last spoke to her “less than two weeks ago.” She said however that “her suffering is done, no more tears, no more pain, no more sorrow” recognizing that it had been a long battle for Prince and her family. Shillingford also noted that during Prince’s illness “she was always so hopeful, always pleasant and focused on her Lord” and calls on the villagers to continue supporting the family with love and prayers.“My sincerest sympathies go out to the Prince and St. Amie family of Wesley; the friends, classmates and fellow villagers of Wesley who mourn her loss along with you. Let us be comforted though knowing that she now rests safe and at peace in the arms of her father”.BackgroundShernel Prince had surgery last week to repair a leaking valve in her heart, the doctors found other complications. The story of Prince hit the airwaves of a local radio station when they launched a radio thon to assist her financially with the cost of the surgery.At a press conference on Monday morning, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit explained that contrary to reports the government of Dominica did assist the family with TT$185,000.00 to assist Prince with her surgery.He said however the family required additional funding for another surgery which the government was not informed about until they arrived in Trinidad, but based on government’s policy for assistance with medical funding, one must provide doctor referral letters and proformer invoices among other documentation. “The government’s policy is that for us to provide you with assistance to go out of Dominica for medical services, you must get a referral from a consultant doctor resident in Dominica. The persons who have to go for medical services must also write a letter making a request so that there is proper accounting. A proformer invoice is also needed from the hospital so we can trace the money. They second time the persons went, the persons went without the government knowledge and is only when they go there they contacted us. With no documentation, I cannot instruct the public service to make payments,” he said.Through the radio thon spear headed by United Workers Party Senator Ezekiel Bazil, $48, 000.00 was raised to assist Prince and an EC$50,000 loan was also granted to her father Mathew Prince to assist her with the surgery.Prince died at about 11 o’clock last night at a Trinidadian hospital.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

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