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first_imgReal are top moneymakers LONDON (AP): Real Madrid are football’s biggest moneymakers for the 11th straight year, while Bayern Munich dropped to their lowest position in eight years. Madrid’s revenue of US$628 million in 2014-15 kept them top of the Football Money League compiled by accountancy firm Deloitte. The revenue of the world’s top 20 clubs, which are all European and include nine from the Premier League, grew 8 percent year-to-year to US$7.2 billion. European and Spanish champions Barcelona regained second place by generating US$609 million, displacing Manchester United, who made US$560 million while still struggling on the pitch in the post-Alex Ferguson era. French champion Paris Saint-Germain climbed to fourth by generating US$522 million, followed by Bayern on US$515 million. Napoli coach Sarri banned MILAN (AP): Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri has been banned for two Italian Cup matches and fined US$22,000 for “directing extremely insulting epithets” toward his Inter Milan counterpart, Roberto Mancini. Sarri was sanctioned after making anti-gay slurs to Mancini during Napoli’s 2-0 loss in the quarterfinals on Tuesday. Napoli says yesterday’s decision “formally clarifies” that Sarri’s comments were delivered in anger but were not driven by racist or anti-gay discrimination. The club says it hopes Mancini “can accept the apologies which have repeatedly been offered.” Mancini was fined US$5,422 for “an intimidating attitude toward the coach of the opposing team, who had insulted him” and for being “disrespectful” toward the fourth official in the dressing room after the match. Chelsea player joins Werder Bremen on loan BREMEN, Germany (AP): Chelsea defender Papy Djilobodji has joined Werder Bremen on loan until the end of the season. The Bundesliga club announced the deal yesterday without giving financial details. Werder Bremen are 16th in the Bundesliga and face a struggle against relegation when the campaign resumes this weekend after the winter break. The club needed a defender after the departure of Assani Lukimya for China. Djilobodji could make his debut on Sunday at Schalke. He arrived in Chelsea last summer from the French club Nantes and made only one brief League Cup appearance in September.last_img read more

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“Evolution’s Misleading Language” Rebuked

first_img(Visited 43 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 It’s not just creationists who are fed up with evolutionists’ propensity to personify evolution, contrary to their own beliefs.In a letter to Science on Nov. 9, Alfred Nigel Burdett rebuked “Evolution’s Misleading Language.”  He didn’t have farther to look than Science Magazine itself for an example:In the News of the Week story “All that glitters” (14 September, p. 1277), Beverley Glover of the University of Cambridge describes the iridescent fruit of the African perennial herb Pollia condensata by saying, “The fruit’s dazzling display may have evolved to capitalize on birds’ attraction to sparkly objects, or to trick them into eating something that looks like a blueberry without going to the trouble of actually making juicy flesh.” At a time when remarkably few people seem to understand the basic mechanism of evolution, it seems inappropriate for Science to publish such comments without clarifying them to ensure that no one is misled.This type of deceptive language, which “combines teleology with anthropomorphism,” is inappropriate because Darwinism does not allow for final causes or purposes in nature; an organism cannot “evolve to” do something.  Yet instances in evolutionary articles and papers are rampant, Burdett indicated.  Both the Science news story and the PNAS article it referenced were guilty, he said, “indicative of how widely and unfortunately such inaccurate and misleading language is now used in the scientific literature.”Just thought you’d like to know that it’s not just CEH that hammers on this personification fallacy.  Darwinian theory, with its aimless, purposeless, blind processes, was supposed to dispense with all teleology and anthropomorphism, but we report frequent violations in these pages.  The staunch evolutionist George Williams used to chafe on that, too (5/31/2004).  Burdett’s reference to the “remarkably few people [who] seem to understand the basic mechanism of evolution” includes a non-trivial number of readers and contributors to Science, including its Editors, otherwise this besetting sin would undoubtedly be chastised more often.last_img read more

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Off-shore casinos in Goa: govt seeks three months extension

first_imgThe Goa Cabinet on Monday sought three months’ time to workout an alternate site for off-shore casinos presently operating at the mouth of the river Mandovi .Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar told The Hindu that it is not an extension given to casinos.“As the election code of conduct was in place, the government could not take any decision. The government will now identify alternate sites in three months for their relocation,” he said.last_img

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Bengal villagers protest against jumbo menace

first_imgResidents of West Bengal’s Jhargram district staged a protest on Tuesday against the destruction of crops and damage to houses caused by wild elephants in the area. Hundreds of villagers blocked roads and disrupted traffic in Sankrail area of the district alleging that forest officials were not doing enough to drive the elephants away.Basav Raj, Divisional Forest Officer, Jhargram, said a herd of over 70 elephants, including a good number of calves, is living in the Lalgarh forest of the district.Admitting that people have complained about the movement of the elephants, the DFO said that trampling of crops is a regular phenomenon in the region with both humans and elephants competing for resources. “The forest department compensates villagers for loss of crops due to elephant movement,” he said.Over the past several years, forests of south Bengal have recorded highest cases of human-elephant conflict in the country.Earlier this month, three elephants. including a calf, were run over by a train at Gidhnih in Jhargram. Forest officials said that the accident occurred because there was no history of elephant movement in that particular stretch of forest.last_img read more

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2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer first ride Style and substance without compromise

first_img 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire first ride: Harley’s electric future is bright More From Roadshow Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice BMW’s riderless, self-driving motorcycle goes for a spin… Motorcycles 2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer: Cool, comfortable, and approachable 1 1:30center_img 2020 Volvo XC60 T8 Polestar Engineered first drive: Almost Super Trouper 32 Photos Comment Tags Ducati’s Scrambler line of air-cooled motorcycles has spawned some extremely lovable, beginner-friendly bikes. Previously, I’d experienced the 1100 version, which costs a lot of money, but comes with some high-end safety tech to justify its heftier price tag. I liked that bike a lot, but this new Cafe Racer is a package that’s almost too good to pass up.The Scrambler combines the 1100’s tech upgrades with the original bike’s smaller, 803-cc engine. Plus, all 2019 Scramblers get the 1100’s lean-sensitive, dual-channel, anti-lock brakes. That makes this an incredibly compelling package.Typically, for someone on the larger size of the height/weight spectrum, a cafe racer-style bike is just code for “wildly uncomfortable.” Usually, these bikes have low-mounted clip-on handlebars, high-mounted rear set foot controls and a long leaned-out riding position — that’s the cafe racer style. Sure, this makes the bikes look sleek as all hell, but it’s a very physically taxing design to ride. The added weight on your wrists is useful for handling, keeping the front tire biting in a corner, but it also hurts after about 45 minutes. The high-mounted foot controls are great for providing more lean angle and getting your body weight down on top of the tank, but crampy legs are no fun when riding in traffic.Enlarge ImageDucati’s Scrambler Cafe Racer takes the great bones of the original Scrambler Icon and drapes them in epic good looks. Ducati Ducati’s Scrambler Cafe Racer happily bucks that trend; it gives you all the cafe racer style you could want, but its ergonomics are tweaked subtly to make it livable for longer rides. The handlebars, for example, are narrower and lower than on some of the other Scrambler bikes, but still relatively upright, and because they’re so narrow, they tend to blend in visually with the rest of the controls.The foot controls are more or less in the same position as the standard Scrambler, which is to say that they’re high enough for decent ground clearance in a long sweeping corner, but they’re not tucked way up or set way back. This gives ample room for even long legs like mine, and I’m 6 feet, 4 inches tall.Another standout aspect of the Cafe Racer — and the Scrambler line in general — is accessibility for shorter riders. With a seat height of just over 31 inches, it’s not exactly a cruiser, but it’s not a towering behemoth. Coupled with a relatively svelte wet weight of 432 pounds, I imagine that many smaller-framed riders would find the Cafe Racer easy to approach, and a willing participant in around-town blasts that require a lot of foot-on-the-ground stops. There are very few bikes like this that offer so much style and ask for so little compromise of comfort in return.The other massive feather in the Scrambler line’s cap is the 803 cubic-centimeter, air-cooled, desmo two-valve twin-cylinder engine. This engine has been in the Ducati family for over a decade and was the motor with which the Scrambler line launched. It’s a total gem.ducati-scrambler-cafe-racer-ambience-09-uc67944-highEnlarge ImageDespite having well under 100 horsepower on tap, the Scrambler Cafe Racer will hustle. Ducati The Ducati L-twin (so called for the direction of the V of its two cylinders) produces a healthy 73 horsepower at 8,250 rpm and 49 pound-feet of torque at 5,750 rpm. Surely there will be those among you that scoff at power figures under triple digits, but the Scrambler isn’t an out-and-out speed machine. It’s meant to be fun, not frightening.The way that the bike delivers power is smooth and easily manageable. The torque comes on low enough in the rev range that you won’t find yourself struggling to take off, but high enough that you’re not running out of puff and being forced to short-shift. That’s especially good because this engine sounds magical in its upper registers.The Scramblers all make use of a cable-actuated throttle. The downside of this is no traction control, but the upside is that throttle actuation is smooth and predictable. The fueling on this bike is exquisite. There is no jerkiness when opening the throttle, making it perfect for newer riders.The Scrambler’s gearbox is slick and unobtrusive. It’s not the most precise thing in the world, sometimes needing a healthy kick to transition between gears, but it doesn’t detract from the experience and still feels better than the transmission on the much more expensive BMW R NineT Urban GS that I tested last year. The clutch on the Scrambler is now a hydraulic unit and works smoothly with a light pull of the lever.The suspension on the Cafe Racer is adjustable in the front and rear. The front units are 41 millimeters in diameter and come from Kayaba. The rear shock is also from Kayaba and is adjustable for preload only. The suspension is competent and plush enough for the broken streets of Los Angeles, but serious canyon carvers might want to look into upgrading.scrambler-cafe-racer-22-uc67978-highEnlarge ImageSure, the Cafe Racer’s accessory number plate is kind of “extra,” but we love it anyway. Ducati Braking is handled by a single 330mm disc up front and a 245mm disc in the back. Calipers are a four-piston radially mounted unit and a single-piston unit, respectively. Bosch two-channel ABS is standard.The Scrambler is a bike that works with you, rather than something you feel you need to tame. It is as happy rumbling along at 30 miles per hour in second gear as it is careening up a freeway onramp at full-chat.The Cafe Racer’s chassis and unique ergos are confidence-inspiring, as well. In my testing, I never found a situation where the bike did anything unexpected or felt less capable than I did. It was comfortable to ride all day, easy to maneuver in parking lots and through narrow gaps in traffic. That being said, I would have liked more range in the suspension’s adjustment, but I’m definitely outside the norm when it comes to intended rider size, so that’s not really a criticism.The bike’s brakes, while basic in appearance and spec, were unflappable. The single disc up front is usually enough to give me — again, as a larger rider — some pause on faster roads, but I never found it lacking in feel or stopping power. Being from Brembo probably has a great deal to do with that. During my weeks with the bike, I participated in Motorcyclist’s Alley Rally event. This was the third running of the ride, which starts near downtown Los Angeles and snakes its way through the hidden roads of LA. This year’s theme was the secret dirt roads of Los Angeles, and despite some initial hesitation on my part, the Cafe Racer again proved itself to be a willing participant.ducati-scrambler-cafe-racer-ambience-02-uc67946-highEnlarge ImageBlue and silver aren’t the colors we typically associate with Ducati, but they’re working here. Ducati The inherent nimbleness of the bike allowed me to pick my way surgically through rutted dirt roads and glass-strewn alleys without fear of getting a flat tire. I had plenty of power to keep up with the myriad of bikes on the ride, ranging from KTM’s new 790 Duke to the mighty Aprilia Tuono.The biggest downside on this ride was the simple fact that the Scrambler is air-cooled and throws a ton of heat when idled for any prolonged period. Once things got moving again, it quickly became bearable once more, but had I not been wearing Kevlar-lined jeans, I’d have probably cooked the lower half of my body pretty good.The 2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer is a fantastic little motorcycle, ideal as a daily rider, a willing canyon-carving companion and just as handsome as you’d like. If there is a downside to it, it’s price. You’re paying a premium for style, and not an insubstantial one, either. The Cafe Racer model starts at $11,995, and that’s before you add in any dealer fees or screw on any of the hundreds of available Ducati-sanctioned accessories.With the Scrambler line, you’re not getting the latest and greatest of anything from a tech standpoint, and you’re not on the top of any real performance heap. What you are getting, however, is an extraordinarily attractive and well-sorted package that will keep you entertained well after you’re out of your beginner rider phase. 2019 Subaru Ascent review Ducatilast_img read more

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Accenture aims to increase its global female employee count to 40 by

first_imgGlobal software giant Accenture is now aiming to increase the representation of women in its worldwide workforce to 40% by 2017 and also wants to ensure male and female employee are paid “fairly and equitably”.The company said it has already made “progress” in raising the female headcount to 40% of its global staff by 2017. Currently, it has around 3.6 lakh employees globally.”At Accenture, our commitment to inclusion and diversity starts at the top, and we empower all of our people — including our more than 130,000 (1.3 lakh) women — to lead,” said Pierre Nanterme, chairman and CEO of Accenture.Women accounted for nearly 39% of the over 1 lakh new appointments made by the company in its previous fiscal year, which ended on 31 August, 2015. Last month, the company had said it would make a similar number of new hires in its current financial year, ending August 2016.”We believe strongly that gender equality is essential for a high-performing, talent-led organisation. This commitment extends to pay, and we strive to ensure that all our people — women and men — are compensated fairly and equitably from the moment we hire them through the milestones of their careers here,” Business Standard quoted Nanterme as saying.Currently, four of the 11 independent directors on Accenture’s board are women, and the company has three woman members in its Global Management Committee, which has “ultimate accountability” for operating the business, said the company in a statement on Saturday.Besides, the company’s divisions in the United States, India, China and the Philippines are led by women.”The company has ongoing rigorous processes to identify potential pay discrepancies, looking carefully at specific roles in each country, and is proactive at all stages of an individual’s career,” it said.In August, Accenture had appointed Rekha Menon as the new chairperson for its India operations following the resignation of Avinash Vashistha in July. The appointment made Menon to become Accenture’s first woman head in India.last_img read more

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Elderly man granddaughter found dead

first_imgAn elderly man and his granddaughter, who went missing on Wednesday, were found dead in a fish enclosure along the Naf river in Teknaf upazila of Cox’s Bazar on Friday.The deceased are Yusuf Ali, 75, and his granddaughter Rozina Akter, 10 of the upazila, reports UNB.Spotting the floating bodies of Yusuf and Rozina at Hoaikhan Unsiprang Jhimongkhali along the river, local people informed police about it in the morning, said Teknaf upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) Pronoy Chakma.Later, a special team of police from Huaikang police camp recovered the bodies with the help of border guards around 8:30am.Yusuf along with Rozina went to the area with their cattle on Wednesday and they remained missing since then, the UNO added.last_img

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2 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in Gaza Strip Ministry

first_imgGaza StripIsraeli tank fire at an Islamic Jihad observation post killed two Palestinians in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday, the enclave’s health ministry and sources from the militant movement said.The ministry identified those killed as Hussein al-Amour, 25, and Abdul Haleem al-Naqa, 28. The incident happened east of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, a ministry spokesman said. Israel’s military said in a statement that the tank fire came after soldiers detonated an explosive device that had been placed near the border fence, targeting its troops.Separately on Saturday night, Israeli aircraft struck two targets belonging to Islamist movement Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip, but there were no reports of casualties. The military said the operation was in response to a brief incursion across the border earlier in the day by Palestinians who immediately fled back into Gaza. It added that the strike was also in retaliation for repeated Palestinian attempts to damage the border fence and “security infrastructure” during ongoing border protests.At least 118 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip since mass protests and clashes broke out on March 30, according to figures from the Gazan health ministry.No Israelis have been killed during that time.Low-level demonstrations along the border have continued since protests peaked on May 14, when at least 61 Palestinians died as tens of thousands of Gazans protested the US moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.Israel says its actions are necessary to defend the border and stop mass incursions into its territory.It accuses Hamas, with whom it has fought three wars since 2008, of seeking to use the protests as cover to carry out violence.last_img read more

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New Book Chronicles Houston Astros Road To World Series Victory

first_img Listen X In 2014, Sports Illustrated’s Ben Reiter penned a cover story predicting the Houston Astros would win the World Series three years later. At the time, the Astros were mired in consecutive 100-loss seasons and were the cellar dwellers of the major leagues.But the ball club had a plan, built on scouting, analytics, and a firm commitment to stay the course. Reiter got an inside look at how that plan was playing out, and, in 2017, his prediction was realized as the Astros became the champions of baseball.Reiter’s in town for an event with Brazos Bookstore to sign copies of his new book Astroball: The New Way to Win It All.In the audio above, he talks with Houston Matters producer Michael Hagerty. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /12:20 Sharelast_img read more

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Teslas New Model X Is a 132000 Ludicrously Fast Beast

first_img This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Free Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now September 2, 2015center_img 2 min read The wait for pricing and specs on Tesla’s long-anticipated Model X is finally over. Three years after Elon Musk’s electric car startup unveiled a prototype of the sleek crossover utility vehicle, thanks to an outpouring of braggy screenshots overnight from reservation holders, the finer details on what we can expect are out of the bag.   Think fast, ludicrously fast. The all-electric CUV zips from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds in “Ludicrous Speed” mode, an upgrade that will set drivers with the need for speed back an extra $10,000. (Standard mode is 3.8 seconds, zero to 60.) That’s on top of an already steep $132,000 starting price for the four-door Falcon Door stunner. As for maximum speed, the 90 kWh compact hatchback tops out at 155 miles per hour, with an estimated 240-mile range.Tesla confirmed yesterday that reservation holders can now choose not only how fast they want their luxury whip to go, but also their wheel size and paint color. Nine hues are available, including Deep Blue, Titanium and Signature red.Image Credit: TeslaRelated: Elon Musk Says Tesla Cars Will Soon Be Able to Steer and Parallel Park ThemselvesThe car’s flamboyant rear Falcon Doors are undoubtedly the all-wheel-drive vehicle’s most dramatic physical feature. The doors were named as such “because they look like a falcon in flight,” Musk recently told Forbes. He also told the outlet that the Tesla Model X is “meant to combine the practicality of a minivan, the style of an Audi Q7 and the performance of a sports car…” Goal achieved and then some.Additional standard features include a rear hitch for towing, heated side mirrors, built-in blind spot and parking sensors, heated power-folding side mirrors and automatic emergency braking.If you’ve been drooling over the Model X and have the resources to splurge for your own, good news, you can still reserve one. Call us when your order fulfills. We want to hear all about it or maybe just live vicariously through you.Related: That Time Google Almost Bought Tesla for $11 Billionlast_img read more

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