Camping Safety: How to Avoid Wild Animal Encounters

first_imgAll it takes is one wrong move in the woods and you could have an unwanted guest at your campsite. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to keep your family camping trip safe and secure from potentially dangerous animals.1. Eliminate odors from food and suppliesBlack bears roam all over the Blue Ridge Mountains with a population of 300,000 in the U.S. alone, making them a common concern amongst campers. Many established campgrounds throughout the Blue Ridge feature bear resistant trash receptacles to reduce the chances of bears smelling any types of food odors. It’s not only trash that will attract a bear; toiletry items such as toothpaste, soap, lotions, deodorant or bug sprays (especially citronella) should be secured from bears as well. To keep your food, supplies and gear away from bears, there are several different ways to keep them out of a bears reach. You could keep them in a hard-sided vehicle, a certified food storage container, or put it all in a bag and hang it between two trees at least 10 feet from the ground.2.  Stop by the store and grab the basicsStock up your packs with flashlights and bear spray to keep in the tent at night. Flashlights can always be useful to help find things and point you in the right direction when walking at night. The bear spray, on the other hand, is a purchase that you most likely and hopefully will never use but is something worth having for that extra piece of mind when you hear rustling in the woods.3. Get loud!It might seem strange, but being loud will keep many of the furry creatures out of sight. With that said, if you have close-by neighbors, don’t cause a full out ruckus. The sounds of the campfire crackling, voices, and other man-made sounds like car engines usually do the trick in scaring off wildlife.4. Keep pets on leash… alwaysAs much as you may love and trust your pets to stay close by, it’s not worth the risk of letting them roam off on their own. An alternative to always holding the other end of the leash is buying a spiral stake to put in the ground to keep the pup close by while granting him or her a little freedom to roam.5. Be ready for the non-furry threatsWhen it comes to snakes, be particularly careful if  you move logs or brush as most snakes get to moving when their environment is tampered with. If snakes are a high concern of yours in a particular area, consider wearing sturdy boots and gloves when moving such things.6. Keep your distanceMost animals will scare off easily from a far distance. However, in the instance of getting a bit too close to a bear or other animal, you should brush up on what to do in the event that you are in a face-to-face situation. While these circumstances are extraordinarily rare, it is better to be prepared than to make a wrong move.7. Wear different clothes cooking and to bedHave you ever gone to a restaurant and can distinctly smell the food even hours after you’ve left? The same happens in the wilderness. Cooking smells cling to fabric and can attract bears, making the clothes you wore while making dinner not the best pajamas. Store your “cooking clothes” in an airtight bag or container to reduce the risk of any wildlife catching a whiff.8. Keep it cleanYour campsite, that is. Continuously making an effort to scrub pots and pans and picking up trash throughout the day’s adventures will work wonders in making it less of a task to keep your site pest free.9. Consider a bear proof cooler, especially for car campingDefinitely not necessary, but it is a precaution that might be suitable for some. If your cooler is on its last leg and you are looking for an upgrade, there are always certified bear tested coolers that are sure to keep your food and beverages cold and the bears locked out.10. Know the area you are inOne of the sharpest tools you can have up against wildlife is knowledge and familiarity with the woods you will be setting up camp in. For information on the wildlife in the area, you can seek out tips from the local park ranger or wildlife official.Getting outdoors for a camping adventure is an enjoyable, freeing experience that is almost never dangerous, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be prepared in the event of an unlikely guest.last_img read more

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Coverage ratios plummet at Dutch pension funds

first_imgVan Ek added that Mercer had received a number of questions from asset managers and pension funds about the situation in China. “They want to know how susceptible their investment portfolio and solvency positions are to further developments, and they also ask whether and how they should act,” he said.Mike Pernot, client adviser at Aon Hewitt, said approximately 1 percentage point of the funding drop was attributable to falling interest rates.He pointed out that the resulting increase in liabilities outweighed both the rise of government bonds and the positive effect of pension funds’ interest hedge.Pernot said the average level of the entire interest curve stood between 1.60% and 1.65% on Tuesday.Aon Hewitt’s client adviser highlighted that the drop of the topical funding came without direct consequences for pension funds’ official policy coverage – the benchmark for rights cuts and indexation – “as it is drawn on the average funding of the previous 12 months”.“However,” he added, “if the current situation doesn’t change, the effect of the topical funding will become gradually visible.”Both consultants concluded earlier that the policy funding stood at approximately 104% on average at year-end. Dutch pension funds’ average funding ratio has fallen dramatically in recent weeks, due in particular to the collapse of the Chinese equity markets and its knock-on effects.Pensions adviser Mercer estimates that the topical funding, including the ultimate forward rate, has fallen by 4 percentage points on average to approximately 100% over the last two weeks alone.Aon Hewitt, employing a different method, estimates coverage has fallen by 3.7 percentage points to 98.3% since December-end.Dennis van Ek, an actuary at Mercer, attributed the funding drop in part to falling market rates, adding that the 30-year swap rate – Dutch pension funds’ most important criterion for discounting liabilities – had dropped from 1.61% to 1.47%.last_img read more

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Bulldogs Blanked By Eagles

first_imgThursday evening, Batesville played against the Jac Cen Del Eagles in a varsity match losing 2-0.Throughout the game the Bulldogs struggled to maintain possession of the ball or find many opportunities to score. 22:07 in the first half, the Eagles dribbled down the right side and played in through the middle. The forward dribbled his way between the defense for a close shot on frame. Unfortunately the Bulldogs couldn’t find an equalizing goal to get themselves back in the match.Second half – 27:54 another ball sent from wide and unsuccessfully cleared out of danger resulted in a shot touching off the keepers dive and rolled wide right side netting. Batesville lost 2-0.   Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Kyle Hunteman.last_img

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Emirates FA Cup quarterfinals resume live on StarTimes this weekend

first_imgRelatedPosts NBC Code and non-exclusivity provision, by Kunle Osisanya-Afolabi GO partners top retail, tech brands on Black Friday sales this week StarTimes illuminates movie experience with Hollywood Channel, Jenifa’s Diary debuts Soccer fans will be treated to live sporting actions on StarTimes this weekend as the Emirates FA Cup returns with four ties on Saturday and Sunday.The quarterfinal ties of the 2019-20 FA Cup have already been decided prior to the competition being halted in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Norwich City are due to face Manchester United on Saturday at 5:30pm.On Sunday, Sheffield United will play Arsenal at 1pm; Leicester City face Chelsea at 4pm; and Newcastle United will play holders Manchester City at 6:30pm.All matches will air live on StarTimes World Football Channels 244 and 245.The semifinals will take place across the weekend of July 11 to 12, with the FA Cup Final scheduled for August 1.The English FA meanwhile, have announced that the final this year will be renamed the Heads Up FA Cup final to raise mental health awareness. Prince William, who is the president of the FA, said it was an important step.William said: “[The final can be] a moment to promote good, positive mental health for everyone.“It’s quite timely bearing in mind what we’ve all been through with this pandemic [Covid-19]. I think there’s going to be, sadly, a lot of repercussions from this in society, not just in football, in terms of people’s mental health.“Hopefully the FA Cup can be a bit of a pivot that people can rally around.”Another tasty football clash is the Bundesliga cracker between Wolfsburg vs winner’s elect, FC Bayern Munich, on Saturday by 1:30pm. Tags: Emirates FA CupLive FootballQuarterfinalsstartimeslast_img read more

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