Police are looking for a young child, between eight and ten years of age, who allegedly crashed a car in Guelph. Investigators say the child was driving a four-door Nissan in the parking lot of a skate park around 7:50 p.m. on Tuesday. They say a man was in the front passenger seat and a woman in the back was filming when the child struck a parked car. “One of the adults took the wheel and the Nissan fled the scene travelling eastbound on Wellington Street,” said police in a news release. Police are asking anyone who can help identify the three occupants of the car to contact them.

Credit: FALKENSTEINFOTO/Alamy Stock Photo Mark Pitt claims Prudentia hold the key to the "larger theme" hidden in the 14 variations In a series of tantalising clues, he revealed that hidden in the manuscript and descriptions of the 14 variations were a “dark saying” and “larger theme”. Mark Pitt claims Prudentia hold the key to the “larger theme” hidden in the 14 variations When Sir Edward Elgar wrote the Enigma Variations 120 years ago he set one of the most enduring and baffling puzzles that has confounded mathematical and musical minds alike. In the 1899 program for the Enigma… Now, a police inspector with an MA in crime patterns claims he has cracked the code after years’ of research. Mark Pitt, 45, has analysed the initials of names and nicknames of those Elgar dedicated his “themes” to, as well as the composer’s obsession with John Holt Schooling, a cryptographer whose apparently unsolvable cipher he cracked. read more