Aqueous Welcomes moe.’s Vinnie Amico For Shattering ‘War Pigs’ At Summer Camp Opener

first_imgThe Summer Camp Music Festival kicked off in Chillicothe, IL last night, bringing some of the best artists throughout the live music business to one place for four nights of musical celebration. Among the many bands that performed on night one was Aqueous, the up and coming rockers who bring a heavy dose of jams wherever they roam.The group got to work last night, playing before thousands at the Summer Camp fest. The Buffalo-based band welcomed a fellow Upstate New Yorker during their show, as drummer Vinnie Amico joined in for a guest appearance. With Amico in tow, the band broke out into the hard rock anthem “War Pigs,” as written by Black Sabbath. They nail it too!Check out the video below, courtesy of NYS Music:Summer Camp jams on throughout the weekend, so stay tuned to L4LM for more updates from this exciting festival!last_img read more

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Watch A 13-Year-Old Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer Shred Like Hendrix On “Star Spangled Banner”

first_imgHappy Fourth of July!In celebration of Independence Day, check out the guitar prodigy, Brandon “TAZ” Niederauer, shredding through a solo rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” from when the young guitarist played Zach in the Tony-nominated Broadway production School of Rock: The Musical. In the video, previously posted by School of Rock, TAZ rocks a red, white, and blue bandana while doing his best to channel Jimi Hendrix’s iconic sunrise performance of the national anthem at Woodstock Music & Art Fair in 1969.Check out the video of Brandon’s “Star Spangled Banner,” as well as Jimi’s version, below:last_img

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Watch Mungion Absolutely Crush Their New Song “Sloob Syndrome” In Live Studio Video

first_imgMidwest jam-upstarts Mungion have been making a name for themselves as of late, as they’ve been releasing a series of high quality videos from the recording sessions from their forthcoming album. The most recent video, “Sloob Syndrome”, was recorded during their sessions at Bill Chrysler Studios in Michigan. The video showcases the fun songwriting, precise composition, and excellent musicianship that these guys are starting to become known for.Watch the video for “Sloob Syndrome” below.Fans of Mungion should rejoice, as they’ve just recently been announced as support with Aqueous for an awesome post-Phish celebration at DROM on December 28th. They’ll also make an appearance at the highly anticipated Suwanee Hulaween festival next weekend. Don’t sleep on Mungion!last_img read more

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Scadden, Zon win Hematology Society awards

first_imgTwo Harvard professors will receive awards from the American Society of Hematology for their “significant contributions to the understanding and treatment of hematologic diseases.”David Scadden, who is co-director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Jordan Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, professor of stem cell and regenerative biology, and director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, will receive the 2010 Dameshek Prize for his contributions to stem cell biology. The citation said his work has increased the fundamental understanding of how the environment surrounding a stem cell, or its “niche,” affects a cell’s development. “His contributions have altered thinking in the field and given direction for interventions to improve transplantation,” the society’s announcement said.Leonard Zon, Grousbeck Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, chair of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute’s Executive Committee, and a researcher at Children’s Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, will receive the E. Donnall Thomas Lecture and Prize for his work on the development and regulation of hematopoetic stem cells, which give rise to all different types of blood cells. The prize recognizes “pioneering research achievements in hematology.”The awards will be presented at the society’s annual meeting in Orlando, Fla., in December.last_img read more

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Young voters found more pragmatic than progressive

first_img“Findings from the Harvard Youth Poll show that young Americans are open to ideas that older generations have traditionally written off. Voters under 30 are not bound by precedent or old institutional norms,” said Richard Sweeney ’21, Harvard College and co-chair of the Harvard Public Opinion Project. “Proponents of structural reforms shouldn’t take young voters for granted, and those who favor a more gradual approach shouldn’t write us off. Millennials and Gen Z-ers will be one-third of the eligible voting population in 2020. We’re listening, and we’re voting.”Top findings of this survey, the 38th in a biannual series, include the following:More young Americans support dismantling the Electoral College than opposeMore young Americans support eliminating private health insurance than opposeMajority of young Americans support background checks and assault weapon ban; more support mandatory buyback program for assault weapons than opposeMost young Americans supportive of billionaires, only 16 percent don’t think they shouldn’t be able to existOther than a change from the current path, there is no youth consensus for best approach moving forwardAs the election nears, Democrats are becoming more hopeful about AmericaYoung Republicans are far less comfortable sharing their political views with professors than Democrats and IndependentsYouth, especially Democrats, are more engaged than at the same point in the 2016 contests.Democrats and Republicans value different attributes in presidential candidates.Trump enjoys a commanding lead in the Republican primary against Weld, Walsh, and Sanford.In the 2020 general election, more than two-thirds of youth are likely to vote against Donald Trump.Approval ratings of President Trump, Democrats and Republicans in Congress, largely unchanged since the Spring 2019 IOP Youth Poll.In a separate interview, John Della Volpe, Harvard Public Opinion Project chair Richard Sweeney, and project member Cathy Sun ’22, answer questions about the results and what they mean.For the full release. A new national poll of America’s 18- to 29-year-olds by the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard Kennedy School finds 52 percent of young Americans and 58 percent of likely general election voters under 30 believe that President Trump should be impeached and removed from office.“Young Americans are divided on the scope of change they seek in Washington. Among likely 2020 young voters, pragmatic has taken the lead in the race between pragmatic and progressive,” said John Della Volpe, director of polling at the IOP. “When looking at young Democratic primary voters, bold structural change is preferred, but not by as much as you might think.”When young Americans were asked to choose between two potential governing philosophies, more (40 percent) prefer than oppose policies that “stand a good chance of being achieved as opposed to sweeping changes that will be difficult to carry out.” Slightly more than a third (34 percent) prefer the alternative “big structural policy changes that address the urgency of the problems that we are facing, even if they will not be easy to carry out.”Among young Americans who are most likely to vote in the November 2020 general election, we find support for the more pragmatic approach, 44 to 40 percent.However, for those likely to vote in a Democratic primary, preferences were reversed. Forty-five percent of these voters prefer the approach that deals with “big, structural policy changes that address the urgency of the problems that we are facing, even if they will not be easy to carry out,” compared to 39 percent who prefer the more pragmatic position. “When looking at young Democratic primary voters, bold structural change is preferred, but not by as much as you might think.” — John Della Volpe, director of pollinglast_img read more

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Benchmarking Machine Learning Performance at Dell Technologies

first_imgWhen it comes to training and inference workloads for machine learning models, performance is king. Faster system performance equates to faster time to results. But how do you objectively measure system ML training and inference performance? In a word, look to MLPerf.MLPerf is a machine learning benchmark suite from the open source community that sets a new industry standard for benchmarking the performance of ML hardware, software and services. Launched in 2018 to standardize ML benchmarks, MLPerf includes suites for benchmarking both training and inference performance. The training benchmark suite measures how fast systems can train models to a target quality metric. Each training benchmark measures the time required to train a model on the specified dataset to achieve the specified quality target. Details of the datasets, benchmark quality targets and implementation models are displayed in the table below.At Dell Technologies, we use MLPerf to measure the performance of our servers and storage systems running machine learning and deep learning workloads, particularly those in image classification, object detection, translation, natural language processing (NLP) and reinforcement learning.  Like many others in the industry, we leverage how MLPerf provides an objective way to measure and compare the performance of systems, including processors and accelerators.To that end, we recently submitted benchmarks for the third version of the MLPerf training benchmark (v0.7), which attracted submissions from several new hardware vendors, resulting in results on a diverse set of hardware platforms. We participated in the closed division, which is intended to compare hardware platforms or software frameworks “apples-to-apples.” It requires the use of the same model and optimizer as the reference implementation.The chart shows the increased participation in the MLPerf benchmarking competition since its start in 2018. The total number of submissions in the closed division doubled (2X) compared to the previous submission round (v0.6) and the number of submitters also increased by 3X compared to the first round (v0.5).Out of the 130 submissions in the closed division, NVIDIA published the highest number of results, followed by Google and Dell — the Top 3 submitters.Dell submitted results in 4 benchmarks, using two different ML frameworks (MXNet & PyTorch) and on two different Dell EMC server platforms. Dell was the only vendor to publish on PCIe GPUs, which is the widely used in many Enterprise organizations.For this exercise, the engineers from the Dell EMC AI Innovation Labs, worked with NVIDIA to benchmark and optimize the performance of the Dell EMC DSS 8440 server with PCIe-based NVIDIA Tesla V100S GPUs and the Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 server with NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2 GPUs and NVLink.Among other outcomes, we showed that the DSS8440 server achieved particularly good results with the Resnet50 v1.5 and Mask R-CNN benchmarks, and we demonstrated that the PowerEdge C4140 server scales efficiently from one node to four nodes to train the models on 16 V100 GPUs.The training times for Resnet50 v1.5 and Mask R-CNN are shown in the following figures. For the full story, see the MLPerf Training v0.7 results news release and the MLPerf Training v0.7 results spreadsheet.last_img read more

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Tropical storm season

first_imgMake sure you have flood insurance to cover your home, crops and business. Flood insurance is available from the government at this Web site: you hear that tropical weather may be coming, get your home prepared. Tie down anything that could be blown away and tape your windows, so they won’t shatter.Make sure you have a safe place to put your animals, whether you are going to stay or evacuate. This applies not only to livestock, but to your pets as well.If you live in a coastal area, know your county’s emergency evacuation plan and what shelter you plan to go to after you evacuate. If you have pets, remember to find a shelter that allows pets.Finally, your whole family needs to have a contact person who lives outside the region being hit. That way, when everyone’s scattered and evacuating, they can check in with this stable person and distribute news about everyone’s whereabouts and condition. By Merritt MelanconUniversity of GeorgiaIn coastal Georgia counties, early June signals the start of tropical weather season and a time of preparation and storm tracking that lasts until the end of the season in late November.But it’s not just the coast that should be preparing.”The whole state is vulnerable to hurricane damage, from the mountains to the piedmont to the coastal plain,” said state climatologist David Stooksbury.Yes, the coast is the most immediately threatened, said Stooksbury, a professor of biological and agricultural engineering at the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.But the rest of the state is susceptible to serious wind damage and flooding from tropical weather systems that come up through Georgia’s coast and through the Florida panhandle from the Gulf of Mexico.In fact, the largest cause of loss of life during hurricanes and tropical storms is flooding and driving through flooded roads.Inland flooding of rain-swollen streams can be just as serious as the coastal flooding caused by tidal surges and rain, said Greg Padgett, a Georgia Emergency Management Agency meteorologist.In July 1994, Tropical Storm Alberto dumped 10 to 20 inches of rain in west and central Georgia. The rain overran the Flint, Ocmulgee and Chattahoochee rivers, flooding an area the size of Massachusetts and Rhode Island combined.The flood forced the evacuation of more than 40,000 Georgia residents. It closed 1,700 roads, 300 bridges, destroyed 12,000 homes and businesses and took the lives of 30 people.Alberto not only showed the danger inland counties face from tropical weather, Padgett said, it also showed all tropical weather systems can cause problems, not just hurricanes.”Don’t let your guard down,” he said. “Don’t say it’s not a hurricane, so I don’t have to be worried. It’s not the intensity of the storm. It’s the forward speed, as far as flooding is concerned.”Stooksbury said that even a tropical depression can drop devastating amounts of rain on an area and cause wind damage, too.”People should pay attention to any tropical weather storm or depression,” he said. “They should be prepared for tropical weather seasons — not just hurricanes.”Stooksbury offered these tips for preparing your family and home for this year’s tropical weather season.last_img read more

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U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Concerned about China’s Influence in Region

first_imgBy By Eugenia Velásquez ( August 21, 2018 U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Jean Manes said that China seeks to expand in Central America and the Caribbean by way of countries’ vulnerabilities to “militarize the region.” In the case of El Salvador, the point of access would be China’s investment in La Unión Port, said Manes. “They are trying to find weak spots in the region to make these kinds of arrangements in the region. We are concerned that it is not only an investment in a port, but that they will then want to do something with their military and expand Chinese influence in the region. It is a strategic matter and we all need to keep our eyes open as to what is happening,” she said. Her concern stems from information provided by diplomats contending that China seeks to approach Central American and Caribbean governments offering investments that are “neither clear nor transparent” as a strategy to expand in those countries. In the case of El Salvador, China would likely seek to establish a port of entry, which would be La Unión, due to its current state of neglect. Manes said the information on hand indicates that the Salvadoran and Chinese governments initiated talks to start interventions in the maritime plant of Cutuco Port. “They are in the talking phase, but it’s a significant phase for any country. People should be aware of these talks and the facts and tactics China employs,” Manes said. The United States’ concerns already reached the entrepreneurial and political arena in El Salvador, Manes said. “We are working on it,” she said when asked whether meetings had taken place to warn political parties about China’s intentions toward El Salvador. “It’s important that everyone knows what’s happening and is able to identify the usual tactics China employs. There are good examples you can study to ensure you are doing the best for your people in your country,” the ambassador said. Salvadoran Minister of Economy Luz Estrella Rodríguez confirmed talks had initiated between the Salvadoran and Chinese governments during an interview with Salvadoran Channel 33, in which she confirmed the Asian country was interested in investing in La Unión Port. For Manes, this isn’t about driving foreign investment away from El Salvador, but looking closely at the kind of offer China makes and its commitment to local economic development. “It’s time to be careful about those things; we obviously want to see more investment in El Salvador, but not all investment is the same. What’s best is to improve truly sustainable investment that would benefit the country,” she said. According to Manes, cases of China’s investment interventions in other countries showed that infrastructure projects ultimately stayed at the hands of the Chinese government. “Other countries, such as Sri Lanka, no longer control their ports—another country does. We’ve seen this in other countries; once China obtained the project, they no longer complied,” Manes said.last_img read more

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What’s in your credit union members’ wallets?

first_img 24SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Has the past month in the global economy brought to mind memories of the financial crisis? Today we tend to ‘sign-post’ things in terms of the great recession. There is news in consumer credit along those lines, according to Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO): The average FICO credit score is now 695 – the highest that average has been in a decade.Credit unions have a unique mission, educating their members in addition to providing them with financial services. That would be in contrast to taking advantage of unsuspecting customers, but I digress. Credit union member education begins something like this – basic money management (or how not to be broke):Pay your bills on time.Pay down that credit card debt.Seriously, do you really need those $200.00 jeans?Everyone has heard it all at this point, but interestingly people have actually began to do these things. For one reason, it’s a lot easier now for consumers to know what is going on with their credit. The Consumer Financial Credit Bureau, for instance has been pushing banks and creditors to give credit scores away for free. American Express has recently made FICO scores available to their card holders.  Could this trend be helping consumers raise their credit scores? Maybe. continue reading »last_img read more

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Talk of the towns: Hampshire, Dorset & south Wiltshire

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