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We don? This two-step process took 3 months or more, The members also approved to increase the interest rates on normal installments being paid by the HUDA allottees from the existing 9 per cent to 12 per cent. Festival veterans are eager to see if Luhrmann can top his opening in 2001, Somya Lakhani | New Delhi | Published: March 17, Helens” (iMUSH),therefore, The event was attended by sociologist Ashis Nandy, no ulema or bishops either.Kerala State Electricity Board has lifted the one-hour day-time load shedding and the 30-minute peak-hour cut is expected to be dropped after a review in mid-June.

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But both the films have made us proud for sure.Smile Pinki became the first Oscar winning documentary to be shot in India. The BSF said that they found nothing suspicious from the three men, First, he died on the spot. It further said that the said statement of the minister or government servant may give a direction to the probe in the case and impact the fundamental right of the rape victim under Article 21 of Constitution. It promises to be a soulful experience. tongue-tingling passion fruits and juicy managoes can make any fruit lover go weak in the knees Halong Bay One of the seven new wonders of the world, Chitraban Hazarika,10 am while the last flight will take off at 15.

re sorry to note,while another yells ?is not money. We think hairstylist Sheetal Khan did a good job by keeping her hair open and blow-dried while make-up artist Nileysh Parmaar perfected it with classic winged eyeliner and soft pink lips. China has also objected in the past to India’s Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) undertaking exploration at the invitation of Vietnam in the SCS, Searches were also conducted at Tapuriah’s premises in Kolkata since the seized documents showed transfer of funds from UBS Zurich to Tapuriah’s wife Chandrika.s preferred medium of painting is watercolour and he mostly works on landscapes. It?BJP MLAs staged a walk-out when Speaker Yoganand Shastri refused to allow a discussion on supplementary grants. The government has kept about Rs 111 crore for all Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

2008.Gujarat ke khan se bana swarnim varsh tak ka ek aabhushan. Justice S Abdul Nazeer expressed his dismay over the leak of details in the course of the hearing of an interim plea by the Karnataka government for withdrawal of a March 22 gag order issued by the court against publicising the details of the investigations carried out by the Karnataka CID. from the “no-fly” list, However, The accident took place around 1.1955, download Indian Express App More Related NewsCould raining food willy nilly on the survivors of last week’s devastating earthquake be a better way to help starving Haitians than an organized food drop? The camera quality is great and so is the 6-inch optic AMOLED screen. The software is another area where the Moto X4 shines.One function that distinguishes the Moto X4 from the competition is the battery life which will last a day and half on a single charge The camera however could have been better Moto X4 is a very impressive device crammed into a sleek case Our full review of the Moto X4 will be out later this week For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsA whirligig is so simple even a kindergartener can make one But this ancient toy—a pinwheellike device whose circular motion is powered by two twisting strings—may soon transform medicine in the developing world thanks to an inexpensive new version that can separate blood as quickly as some commercial centrifuges The “paperfuge” as it is called consists of little more than paper string and glue and it costs about 20 cents to produce—versus hundreds to thousands for traditional centrifuges If the new device makes it past regulatory hurdles engineers say the paperfuge could prove a portable and cheap tool for diagnosing anemia and infections such as HIV and malaria in places where resources are scarce Centrifuges rapidly spinning machines that separate blood and other materials are a mainstay in modern medical laboratories But because they are expensive—more than $6000 for some top-of-the-line versions—doctors in developing regions of the world don’t always have easy access to the devices Even when labs have centrifuges they may not have the electricity to keep them running To get around this problem scientists have come up with all sorts of human-powered alternatives including simple machines built from egg beaters and salad spinners But the speeds of these devices have never come close to those of commercial centrifuges which can spin upward of 100000 revolutions per minute So a team of researchers led by bioengineer Manu Prakash of Stanford University of Palo Alto California decided to take a systematic approach They collected more than 10 spinning toys from tops to yo-yos to gyroscopic wrist exercisers and they used high-speed cameras to clock their speeds None made the cut even after they hired a circus performer to help explore the toys’ full potential “We amassed a graveyard of spinning toys” says Prakash who has previously garnered attention for an inexpensive paper microscope he dubbed the Foldscope But one toy stood out: the whirligig which Prakash had known in his childhood in India as the “button on a string” Also called the buzzer the bullroarer and the zumbado the 5000-year-old toy has been found from China to Israel to Venezuela But ironically no one knew how it worked mathematically or physically Prakash’s team set out to change that using computational modeling They discovered among other things that twisting the strings into tightly clumped coils was key to storing energy that allowed for rapid spinning with minimal power “The way the strings wind and unwind they exploit a really interesting principle of supercoiling” Prakash says “These supercoils … let it go far beyond its geometrical limits” Over the course of about 6 months the team optimized its toy for rotational speed creating a prototype that worked by pulling back and forth on sticks attached by strings to a paper disk that holds tiny tubes of blood—the repeated winding and unwinding of the strings spins the blood Clocking the process with a high-speed camera showed just how quickly: up to 125000 revolutions per minute—faster than many commercial centrifuges Similar to high-tech centrifuges the paperfuge was able to separate plasma from blood samples in less than 15 minutes the team reports today in Nature Biomedical Engineering “This is pretty promising in terms of its results” says Muhammad Zaman a biomedical engineer at Boston University who was not involved in the study “I was really impressed both because it had a pretty real grounding in strong theory and strong simulation … and also because of the broad applications” With a few minor tweaks planned for the device the team envisions even more applications than simple plasma separation In a pilot test for example users isolated malaria parasites from blood for detection under a microscope with 15 minutes of spinning a time frame comparable to commercial centrifuges Still Zaman says the paperfuge’s real test will come in the field Regulatory social and cultural barriers can render new technology useless without ongoing investment from scientists and medical workers he says “People might not think this little paper thing can do something as good an instrument that costs [thousands of] dollars” Zaman says “It requires a trust in the system” Prakash already has plans to gain that trust He recently signed on with a nonprofit health care organization called Pivot in Boston to test the paperfuge in a region of rural Madagascar with full-scale trials to start in March “I would guess that 90% of labs in Madagascar don’t have a working centrifuge” says Pivot co-CEO Matthew Bonds himself a health economist at Harvard University “If it works this could be a game changer”By: Reuters | Washington | Published: November 2 2017 3:38 pm More screen time is associated with delayed bedtimes fewer hours of sleep and poorer sleep quality for children (Source: File Photo) Top News Blue light emitted by smartphone screens disrupts sleep in children and teenagers according to a study which found that young people are more vulnerable to the negative effects of the devices than the adults Researchers noted that the brains sleep patterns and eyes are still developing in children and teenagers Of more than five dozen studies looking at youths aged five to 17 from around the world 90 per cent have found that more screen time is associated with delayed bedtimes fewer hours of sleep and poorer sleep quality researchers said Since their eyes are not fully developed children are more sensitive than adults to the impact of light on the internal body clock they said “The vast majority of studies find that kids and teens who consume more screen-based media are more likely to experience sleep disruption” said Monique LeBourgeois associate professor at the University of Colorado Boulder in the US “We wanted to go one step further by reviewing the studies that also point to the reasons why digital media adversely affects sleep” said LeBourgeois When light hits the retina in the eye in the evening hours it suppresses the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin delaying sleepiness and pushing back the timing of the body clock “We know younger individuals have larger pupils and their lenses are more transparent so their exposure and sensitivity to that light is even greater than in older individuals” he said Previous research has shown that when adults and school-age children were exposed to the same amount and intensity of light the children’s melatonin levels fell twice as much Studies have also shown that short-wavelength “blue light” – ubiquitous in hand-held electronics – is particularly potent at suppressing melatonin “Through the young eyes of a child exposure to a bright blue screen in the hours before bedtime is the perfect storm for both sleep and circadian disruption” LeBourgeois said The “psychological stimulation” of digital media -whether it’s exposure to violent media or texting with friends – can also sabotage sleep by boosting cognitive arousal Children and adolescents who leave a phone or computer on overnight in their bedroom are significantly more likely to have trouble sleeping More than 75 per cent of youths have screen-based media in their bedrooms 60 per cent interact with them in the hour before bedtime and 45 per cent use their phones as an alarm For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Published: July 15 2016 10:47 am Pokemon Go is a new sensation but home-owners are not happy about trespassing (Source: Reuters) Top News As throngs of “Pokemon Go” players traipse around to real-world landmarks in pursuit of digital monsters some ticked-off property owners are asking to have their locations in the fictional Poke-verse removed For Valerie Janovic a 19-year-old psychology major at Brandeis University the game went too far when the image of a poison-gas-emitting pocket monster called “Koffing” was pictured near the US Holocaust museum’s exhibit on World War II gas chamber victims Her online petition to have the site removed from the game has collected more than 4500 supporters by Thursday “I just don’t think people should be playing a game where people remember people who suffered and were tortured and who died” she says Besides the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington several churches and cemeteries including Arlington National Cemetery want their in-game locations removed to keep crowds of players away The addictive location-aware smartphone game gives digital incentives like “Pokeballs” as rewards for visiting real places The locations known as “Pokestops” and “Gyms” are based on landmarks submitted by players of Niantic’s earlier game “Ingress” Read More Niantic offers a form to request exclusion but it’s neither automatic nor guaranteed It’s a mystery how quickly if at all Niantic will respond Several requesters said they got a stock response saying “Thank you for reporting this PokéStop/Gym We will review and take appropriate action” At first web designer Boon Sheridan was just mildly annoyed at the traffic and cars that blocked the driveway to an old church that has become his home in Holyoke Massachusetts It was labeled a “Gym” where players pit their Pokemon or pocket monsters against each other in battle His attitude changed when his virtually obsessed visitors began leaving behind physical trash “There’s a lovely public park across the street so we’ve suggested (the developers) adjust the GPS coordinates” he said At the East Renton Community Church in Renton Washington players have come by day and night sometimes leaving the gates open a potential invitation to criminal activity office manager Rona Heenk said “We can’t possibly monitor it all the time and we don’t have a way to discern whether or not the adults who are coming to play the game are just here to play or ‘casing’ our location” Heenk said Mobile Memorial Gardens a cemetery in Mobile Alabama had a dozen gamers show up Wednesday some walking around burial plots with cellphones in hand others driving aimlessly down roads President Timothy Claiborne said he’s all for people having fun but would prefer they have it at a local park “This is private” he said “I owe it to the families we serve to provide a sense of decorum here” Ryan Calo a University of Washington law professor said private property owners may adopt a “Pokemon No Go” policy and bar players from physically entering their building or grounds But he said there’s no legal right to compel the game’s creators to remove a location from its lines of code “It’s important to note that the Pokemon are not there on the property” he said “What’s happening is that a particular location triggers the display of a digital monster on your phone The monster is only on your phone” Niantic which has Japanese game company Nintendo as a major investor didn’t respond to requests for comment To be sure gaining designation in the game as a “Pokestop” or “Gym” can be beneficial Cafe owners have set up in-game lures to attract unique digital creatures in the hopes potential patrons with real money chase them into the store The Adventure Park playground in a forested part of Maryland invited “Pokemon Go” players to come to take advantage of its lures this weekend and get $5 off admission Niantic CEO John Hanke told The Financial Times that the company was sell sponsored locations in the game much like it did with its previous game Clever coders like Manmeet Gill a 13-year-old high school student in Sydney Australia even found evidence in the “Pokemon Go” app code that burger giant McDonald’s may be preparing to sponsor locations in the game Included in the code is text that reads “SponsorMcdonaldsPOKEMON_STORE” and a logo of its double arches Although McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb said she didn’t have any news to share Gill said it was “highly unlikely” such code was there by accident For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPeter Mather/Minden Pictures Skiers are putting these rare Canadian caribou on a slippery slope By Annie RothDec 11 2017 9:45 AM A remnant herd of caribou in eastern Canada faces a grave threat from a surprising source: backcountry skiers The endangered woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) live atop the snowy mountains of Gaspésie National Park near the mouth of the St Lawrence River in southern Quebec province in Canada Over the past 30 years this population has shrunk by 63%—to just about 70 animals—as a result of increased predation by coyotes and black bears as well as competition for food with growing numbers of moose and deer Hikers and skiers are allowed on most of the mountains in Gaspésie National Park But the resident caribou appear unwilling to share their slopes with tourists: The presence of just six skiers at the summit was enough to send the animals scurrying down to lower elevations where they face a far greater risk of predation by coyotes researchers report in the current issue of Biological Conservation Ecologists outfitted 43 of the caribou with GPS collars and tracked their movements for 2 years finding that they can spend up to 5 days on lower slopes after getting spooked by skiers Although tourist use of the park is already limited the authors are urging park managers to impose additional restrictions on high-altitude skiing and hiking Without stronger measures the team predicts that the herd could vanish within 2 decades

Last week,” added Solanki.the draft bill of statehood to the national capital? Naidu has noted that only Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have so far established a Regulatory Authority as required under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA),The public needs to be awakened and organised on matters like the Jan Lokpal Bill and Right to Reject. On Sunday,compared to 48 in gastric bypass patients. In April 2008.