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sough daily report detailing reason and duration of outages and restoration of power said an official He also directed officials to implement the policy of subsidy for tenants at the earliest The meeting was also attended by Power Minister Satyendar Jain Kejriwal alongwith his cabinet colleagues staged dharna at the office of L-G office that ended on 19 June after IAS officers started attending meetings of ministers They had boycotted meetings as the protest over an alleged assault on chief secretary Anshu Prakash at Kerjriwal’s residence in February In its acquisition announcement this morning Verizon Wireless declared its $44 billion acquisition of AOL the Internet stalwart to be a driver of its "over the top" or Internet-delivered content strategy This will be positioned by many as a content play: Verizon owns the pipes and AOL makes the stuff that travels through the pipes (If that argument sounds familiar take a walk down memory lane to AOLs $164 billion merger with Time Warner in 2000 The only difference is in that deal AOL was the content and Time Warner was the pipes) The content play makes sense and its not even the first time Verizon has tried to get into the content business Remember Sugar String Verizons bizarre foray into tech news last year The company shuttered it after a month following reports that writers were prohibited from covering politically charged topics such as net neutrality AOL has plenty of tech news from Engadget and TechCrunch to the tech section of the Huffington Post But the company has been positioning itself as much more than a content company for some time now In January when rumors of a Verizon-AOL tie-up first surfaced analysts pointed to AOLs foothold in advertising technology as the most attractive piece of the deal CEO Tim Armstrong has been beating the technology drum calling ad automation "the single largest trend" on the Web AOLs revenue paints a clear picture of that trend Last year the company earned $995 million from display and search ads on the media properties it owns It earned almost as much $856 million from selling ads for third party sites Thats the advertising technology business and its AOLs fastest-growing segment It grew 39% between 2013 and 2014 Contrast that with revenue from its in-house media operations during the same period where display ads fell 3% and search ads grew just 4% Through acquisitions over the years AOL has built up a advertising technology infrastructure that allows any content company to pay AOL to buy and sell ads on its behalf using algorithms The rise of programmatic advertising has driven the already-low price of digital ads such as banners and video pre-rolls even lower because they eliminate the need for human interaction Instead inventory is bundled together segmented by audience and algorithms decide which ad will be served to which person through a split-second auction that happens each time a Web page loads This isnt a business Wall Street likes or even understands To an outside observer the tech platforms are indistinguishable indefensible and in a "race to the bottom" undercutting each other on prices Thats why Wall Street has tanked the stocks of a number of publicly traded ad-tech companies Rocket Fuel has watched its stock go from $56 a share when it went public in 2013 to under $9 per share Tremor Video which went public at $9 a share in 2013 now trades below $3 Millennial Media which went public at $23 per share now trades below $2 Now Verizon owns a growing ad-tech company that happens to be in a not-exactly-growing content business Perhaps the most astounding piece though is AOLs third revenue segment dial-up subscriptions A legacy from its early days AOL still makes a jaw-dropping $6065 million from dial-up subscribers Last year that business shrunk just 7% This article originally appeared on Fortunecom The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at [email protected] single cue—the taste of a madeleine a small cake dipped in lime tea—was all Marcel Proust needed to be transported down memory lane He had what scientists term an autobiographical memory of the events a type of memory that many researchers consider unique to humans Now a new study argues that at least two species of great apes chimpanzees and orangutans have a similar ability; in zoo experiments the animals drew on 3-year-old memories to solve a problem Their findings are the first report of such a long-lasting memory in nonhuman animals The work supports the idea that autobiographical memory may have evolved as a problem-solving aid but researchers caution that the type of memory system the apes used remains an open question Elephants can remember they say but many scientists think that animals have a very different kind of memory than our own Many can recall details about their environment and routes they’ve traveled But having explicit autobiographical memories of things "I" did or remembering events that occurred in the past or imagining those in the future—so-called mental time travel—are considered by many psychologists to be uniquely human skills Until recently scientists argued that animals are stuck in time meaning that they have no sense of the past or future and that they aren’t able to recall specific events from their lives—that is they don’t have episodic memories the what-where-when of an event that happened Yet several studies have shown that even jays have something like episodic memory remembering when and where they’ve hidden food and that rats recall their journeys through mazes and use these to imagine future maze-travels "There is good evidence challenging the idea that nonhuman animals are stuck in time" says Gema Martin-Ordas a comparative psychologist at Aarhus University in Denmark and the lead author of the new study But trying to show that apes also have a conscious recollection of autobiographical events is "the tricky part" Martin-Ordas admits To see if chimpanzees and orangutans have autobiographical memories that can later be triggered with a cue (as were Proust’s by eating the pastry) Martin-Ordas and two other researchers devised a memorable event for the apes at the Leipzig Zoo In 2009 eight chimps and four orangutans individually watched Martin-Ordas place a piece of a banana on a platform attached to the outside of a caged testing room The apes could get the treat only by reaching through a slot with a long stick The researcher then hid two sticks only one of which was long enough to reach the banana The animals watched as she hid each tool in a box in two different rooms The chimp or orangutan observing her actions was then released into the area with the hidden tools They had to find the correct tool return to the room with the tempting banana and use the tool to retrieve the treat Each ape took the test four times "We set it up to see if cues—like Proust’s madeleine—would trigger a memory event for them" Martin-Ordas says But instead of using a single cue like a scent or a taste the researchers offered the apes "a constellation of cues: me the room and the specific problem" Martin-Ordas says They hoped that this combination would act as a trigger—that whenever the chimpanzees encountered this specific task with Ordas-Martin again they would remember that they needed to search for the correct tool Over the next 3 years the chimpanzees and orangutans took part in many other tasks with Martin-Ordas in the same room Sometimes these tests required them to use a tool to reach for a banana and sometimes they had to find a hidden tool But they never experienced the same exact events as they had during the four tests—until one day in 2012 Then in a sort of déjà vu they were faced with precisely the same setup with the researcher that they had encountered in 2009 Apparently the combination of cues triggered something like a madeleine-moment for the apes because every ape except for one orangutan instantaneously remembered exactly what to do and solved the problem "I was really surprised that they could remember this event and they did it so fast" says Martin-Ordas whose team reports its results today in Current Biology The seven apes in a control group had not taken the original test and did not find the tool A second experiment established that the apes could also use a single unique cue—observing a seesaw—to remember 2 weeks later that they should use a wooden ball to get a frozen yogurt treat Together the experiments reveal that at least two species of great apes "can remember specific events and retrieve this memory to solve a particular problem" something never shown before in great apes says Jonathon Crystal a comparative psychologist at Indiana University Bloomington "Three years is a remarkably long time to draw on a memory—not just for animals but for us It’s breathtaking" he says But Crystal and others are not convinced that this experiment demonstrates autobiographical memory "Is there evidence here for ‘cued recall’ as the authors argue No" says Martin A Conway a memory researcher at City University London Conway does think the apes have "moment-by-moment episodic memory but they are not saying to themselves ‘I can’t believe it I’m back in this stupid lab with this stupid test’ Believe me that’s not what they’re doing" Perhaps not but the experiments do "move us significantly closer to showing that chimpanzees and orangutans have humanlike episodic memory" agrees Michael Corballis a cognitive psychologist at the University of Auckland in New Zealand who helped invent the term mental time travel and used to be among those who argued that animals are stuck in time—a phrase that now seems increasingly out-of-date The chief minister sought daily reports from officials concerned on the issues.

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