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suspicious thing”9 million in debt not the majority of outstanding U 26 going on to make 197 appearances and winning the FA Cup twice — in 2014 and 2015 will take over Karvinen‘’ he declared as well as the presidency and the Rivers government in general even most millennials are probably too young to feel sentimental yearning for it leave the field of biological research Authorities were working over the weekend to find answers as to how the dozen girls came under Kaplans care and to identify all the girls in the house They were in relatively good condition IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington DC 1 Why marriage is becoming a mark of privilege By Claire Cain Miller in the Upshot 2 America should be focused on avoiding a two-front global war By Christopher Bolan in Defense One 3 The era of standardized tests for higher education admissions might soon be over By Sushmita Pathak in Ozy 4 Doctors may have a way to diagnose CTE from brain trauma in living patients By Jeanna Thomas in SB Nation 5 Changing climate means more and stronger storms and more power outages A better grid could keep the lights on By Amelia Urry in Grist The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington DC Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsOnce one of my clients half-jokingly requested an exorcism from the demon possessing her body: hunger Kind of a gruesome analogy but truth be told its fairly accurate considering how out of control she felt When my clients struggle like this I often say I wish I could wave a magic wand to make it all better which of course I cant But what I can do is offer some tried and true advice to effectively rein in appetite and help regain a sense of balance The five strategies below are tops for doing just that and each also has the power to enhance your overall health Win-win Make sweating fun Have you ever found yourself hungrier after working out and then "ate back" more calories than you burned exercising Its a common phenomenon and the trick to breaking the cycle may just be choosing ways of being active that feel like fun In a recent Cornell University study researchers asked two groups of adults to take a two kilometer walk before lunch or a snack Those who were told they had been on an exercise walk wound up eating 35% more chocolate pudding for dessert at lunch and 124% more M&Ms at snack time than those who were told they had been on a fun scenic walk Healthcom:25 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere Other research shows that intense exercisesweat sessions that are perceived as workcan lead to eating more overall In other words a "no pain no gain" mentality may wind up wreaking havoc with your appetite If youre in a similar boat try mixing things up Trade grueling workouts for activities that get your heart rate up but seem like play Think dancing hiking roller skating and swimming Many of my clients find that even if they burn fewer calories engaging in recreational activities often helps them lose more weight because they dont experience rebound hunger spikes Get enough sleep Catching too few ZZZs is notorious for not only ramping up hunger but also increasing cravings for junk food One study from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center found that too little sleep triggered excessive eating and weight gain and getting more sleep slashed the consumption of carbs and fat leading to weight loss Another from the University of Chicago found that getting 45 hours of sleep (rather than 85) ups hunger and appetite especially in the early afternoon In addition to causing appetite craziness sleep deprivation has been tied to a number of health problems including weakened immunity and a greater risk of type 2 diabetes depression and heart disease For these reasons in my opinion making sleep a priority may even be more important than exercise for weight loss If youre falling short like most people read up on ways to improve your slumber Healthcom:14 Reasons Youre Always Tired Drink more water Research backs what I find to be true for myself and my clients: drinking plenty of water can help manage appetite One study found that people who drink about seven cups of water per day eat nearly 200 fewer daily calories compared to those who gulp less than one glass Another found that when adults drank two cups of water right before meals they ate 75 to 90 fewer calories A second study by the same researchers showed that when two groups of people followed the same calorie-limited diet for 12 weeks those who downed two cups of water before meals lost about 155 pounds compared to about 11 pounds for the water-free bunch Finally a German study showed that a 16-ounce dose of water resulted in a 30% increase in metabolic rate within 10 minutes The effect peaked 30 to 40 minutes after consumption but was sustained for more than an hour To take advantage of the benefits drink about 16 ounces of H2O four times a day If you dislike the taste of plain water spruce it up with wedges of lemon or lime fresh mint leaves cucumber slices fresh grated ginger or a bit of mashed fruit Eat on a schedule Your body loves consistency which is why in my own personal experience as well as my clients eating at the same times every day can go a long way in regulating appetite Try eating breakfast within one hour of waking up and spacing your remaining meals about three to five hours apart In addition to consistent meal times strive for a steady meal structure in terms of the foods and proportions you include Healthcom:15 Ways to Lose Weight Without Trying For example I recommend always including: produce lean protein plant-based fat (like avocado) and a small portion of a healthy starch Ive seen that mixing up the foods you choose within these categories while keeping the types and quantities comparable can have a huge impact on regulating hunger supporting sustained energy and creating a predictable return of hunger almost like clockwork In other words when your meals are all over the place its much easier to feel hungry all the time or confuse true hunger with boredom or other emotions Learn how to deal with stress For most of my clients stress is the number one eating trigger And research backs the old adage: "stressed is desserts spelled backwards" One recent animal study found that female monkeys chronically exposed to stress overate calorie-rich foods unlike their calm counterparts They also ate more throughout the day and evening while the chilled-out chimps naturally restricted their noshing to daytime hours only This behavior parallels what I see in so many people and until they find effective ways to reduce stress emotional eating is a difficult pattern to break Healthcom:25 Surprising Ways Stress Affects Your Health The best place to start: stop beating yourself up Instead of berating yourself for not having enough willpower acknowledge that when your stress hormones are surging youre programmed to reach for chips or chocolate Speak kindly to yourself and shift your energy toward testing out positive ways to cope like listening to guided meditation venting to a friend spending time outdoors reading stretching drawing or whatever gives you a mini-vacation from the intensity of your emotions That strategy rather than "dieting" is a much better way to set yourself up for successful weight control and better overall health Cynthia Sass MPH RD is Healths contributing nutrition editor and privately counsels clients in New York Los Angeles and long distance Cynthia is currently the sports nutrition consultant to the New York Rangers NHL team and the Tampa Bay Rays MLB team and is board certified as a specialist in sports dietetics This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at [email protected] J. 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In todays world, farmer says they have been promoting sustainability on their farm for many years"One of the things we truly embrace is no-till" he says "That incorporated with crop rotations and cover crops and variable rate technology"Bainbridge says by using these conservation methods on his farm he is protecting the water soil and promoting environmental stewardship"You minimize the soil erosion and all those bad things that go with it like water erosion wind erosion and so forth" he saysThose practices also promote water quality and soil health"Our soil organic matter has improved along with soil water infiltration" Bainbridge saysAs more US soybean customers demand sustainably produced products that lead the industry to also develop the US Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol or SSAP This provides the verification of sustainability for international and domestic customersThe protocol is based on existing aggregated data collected from farmers nationwide who participate in national conservation programs through the farm bill The hope is that the certification will increase the demand for US soy and improve profit opportunities for US soybean farmersThe National Corn Growers Association also has developed a sustainability program Nick Goeser director of soil health and sustainability for the NCGA says through their Soil Health Partnership they’re collecting data to determine the economics of sustainable practicesThe three-year project includes 65 test sites across eight Midwestern states where they will test and measure the farm management practices that improve soil healthGoeser says that through the program farmers are seeking innovative farming practices to change the way they care for the land"We’re seeing some benefit to utilizing cover crops then also looking towards strip-till and no-till" he says "We’re also looking at nutrient management and there are many opportunities for improvement along with the tillage and the cover crops" "The goal is to understand the site specificity where cover crops are paying where we might need to tweak and use other soil health improving practices like tillage or nutrient management and how that can work most effectively for the farmer on their own individual farms" Goeser saysThere has been growing societal pressure for agriculture and food production to be more sustainable and at the same time protect wildlife habitat and water quality Goeser says while farmers want to be sustainable they also want to continue to increase crop yields and overall farm profitability"One component of sustainability is agricultural productivity and we have seen that improve over time" Goeser says "There’s always that opportunity for continuous improvement to push ourselves to really get outside of our comfort zone and be proactive to take the next step and learn how to improve our operations"Bainbridge agrees that sustainability is not a one-way street"If you aren’t making money you aren’t going to be sustainable either" he says But beyond profit preserving the land for future generations is the biggest end game of sustainability for Bainbridge and fellow farmersAccording to a report the suspensions are a result of hidden camera footage taken over the spring and summer that appears to show sick sows and piglets being abused and neglected The video was released Tuesday by Last Chance for Animals a Los Angeles-based watchdog group the report saidLast Chance for Animals detailed what it said were 18 incidents of animal cruelty and 17 cases of neglect — all misdemeanors under Minnesota law according to the report The group is calling on the Rock County Sheriff’s Office to file charges against Christensen FarmsFootage depicted in the video include pigs being dragged by the ears and snouts as well as pigs being slapped and stabbed with ink pens in order to make them walk The video can be viewed on dglobecom Christensen Farms announced the suspension of its employees last week The company posted a response Tuesday to the release of the hidden camera footage“There is absolutely no place at Christensen Farms or in this industry for violations of animal welfare” Christensen Farms CEO Glenn Stolt said “As a family farm the care and treatment of our animals is our highest priority It is unacceptable that this behavior was allowed to continue and was not brought to our attention immediately “We are taking steps to reaffirm our commitment to animal welfare and husbandry and send a statement that any behavior inconsistent with our industry-leading policies and practices will absolutely not be tolerated“The portions of the video we have seen are both disturbing and will be part of our ongoing internal investigation” Stolt continued “The company will not tolerate violations of farm policies and procedures All employees shown in the video have already been suspended effective last week and we will be taking appropriate actions as we conclude our investigation We are also working closely with local law enforcement”Christensen Farms also indicated that it has contacted Last Chance for Animals for a complete copy of the unedited footage to ensure appropriate action is taken based on all available evidenceAccording to its website Christensen Farms is “one of the largest producers of pork in the United States with operations throughout the Upper Midwest” It is headquartered in Sleepy Eye MinnThe summit organized by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and the state’s Indian Affairs Commission covered topics such as "trauma-informed schools" and developing culturally relevant curriculum It also touched on the federal Every Student Succeeds Act and new state legislation that allows school districts to practice different methods of teaching"I think the increased enrollment shows us at the (Department of Public Instruction) that there is a need and there is a desire" said State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler noting the summit has doubled in participation since 2014The North Dakota Indian Education Summit began as an attempt to replicate Montana’s "Indian Education for All" program which integrates Native Americans cultures and histories into public schools and works to close the achievement gap between Native and non-Native students"We have an 897 percent graduation rate in the state of North Dakota overall yet our Native American graduation rate hovers somewhere around 57 58 percent" Baesler said "That leads us to believe there is something systemically wrong with our operations and our processes so it’s important that we come together as a state to really explore what those processes might be that aren’t working so well and how we can improve them"This year’s summit featured more than 20 breakout sessions and two keynote speakers including Don Bartlette an enrolled member of Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa who shared his story about injustices he encountered as a young American Indian student in public schoolTuesday’s summit kicked off with remarks from Gov Doug Burgum who spoke about improving education for Native American studentsWhile campaigning last year Burgum said he visited the five reservations in the state and tribal leaders told him that they would like schools to teach their language and culture Burgum said he supports more local control given to schools as part of new legislation SB2186 which lawmakers approved this year"You have more freedom to do things locally than ever before I would encourage you to take advantage of it" Burgum told the audienceDPI is in the process of writing the administrative rules for the bill and school districts will have the chance this upcoming school year to apply Assistant State Superintendent Laurie Matzke spoke about the federal Every Student Succeeds Act which replaced the No Child Left Behind in 2015 The new law diminishes the federal government’s role in education and bolsters the state’s involvementIn developing the state’s ESSA plan which was submitted to the US Department of Education on May 5 and is awaiting review Baesler said she visited all the reservations in the state and held tribal consultation meetings and under ESSA she plans to continue to do thatThe summit continues at 8:30 am Wednesday July 12 at the Brynhild Haugland Room at the Capitol For more information visit wwwndgov/dpi/events/NDIES/The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has condemned the Governor Abiola Ajimobi led Oyo State Government over the demolition of the structure housing Fresh FM owned by popular musician Yinka Ayefele The Director-General of NBC Ishaq Midibbo-Kawu who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin said the demolition was a worrisome development and did not speak well of the state government Kawu said: “The development is worrisome because for all it is worth the broadcast outfits are playing a big role in reducing unemployment especially in this situation where many young Nigerians are idle “They also play social informational educational and entertaining roles in the society “Such development does not speak well of the government and has a negative effect on the nation especially at a point when more broadcasting outfits are influencing the social space in the country “In this case particularly there are so many issues that can be weaved up negatively by people “We hope that as we move forward we will be able to find a solution to the situation” Modibbo-Kawu said The Director-General said when the NBC got the hint on the demolition he made some contacts with some people in the State Kawu said that he could however not stop it The NBC boss promised to set up a meeting with the state government on finding a way forward on the issue The NBC boss recalled a similar experience in Nasarawa State about a year ago when the property housing Breeze 999 FM was demolished “What we did was to meet our licensee to find out what the issues were because he was prepared to go to court “We also met with the state Commissioner for Information and the Governor “The issue also was that the building violated the usage of urban space “We were able to reach an agreement that the government should give the broadcaster a new plot of land and assist him to go back to building a new station “However just last week I got a letter that the side of the government in the agreement had not been fulfilled” he saidIn fact a Class C felony, ext. 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