Longplanned pier restaurants on track to open in summer

first_imgThe first drinks and plates of food sold to the public at The Waterfront Vancouver could be served within seven months, on July 1.That’s the deadline given out Thursday by Matt Grady, vice president of development for Gramor Development, while walking through the industrial husks that stand there now.“We’re probably 90 percent done (on the buildings),” he said. The waterfront has been more than a decade in the making, so when asked how he felt, Grady responded: “It’s monumental.”Blocks 9 and 12, the two restaurant buildings that flank both sides of the Grant Street Pier, will have their exteriors finished by the end of the month. Then, the tenants will bring it home with their own designs and improvements — even though some tenants haven’t been announced and another has recently been cast in doubt.Still, the waterfront has a long way to go before it matches the renderings and concept art.Gramor, based in Tualatin, Ore., is the leading player in The Waterfront Vancouver, and it is directly involved in a few other projects besides Blocks 9 and 12. That includes roadwork, building a private park at Block 15 and getting utilities lined up for various parts of the entire 22-block development.Other actors in the waterfront include Kirkland Development, which will build an eight-story boutique hotel and a condominium tower at Block 4; and the city of Vancouver, leading the construction of a public waterfront park and the Grant Street Pier.last_img