Watch Drone Captures Incredible View of Sheep on Colorado Peak

first_img Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ Stay on target Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) conducts a survey of bighorn sheep on Pikes Peak twice a year, however, observing herds can be difficult on the steep summit. Now, for the first time, CPW deployed a drone to do the job and it showed a cool aerial view of the animals in their natural habitat.The survey, which studies how many ewes, lambs, and rams are present along the Devil’s Playground on Pikes Peak, takes place once in the summer and once in the winter, KMGH-TV reported. According to Southeast Region spokesman Bill Vogrin, the drone was equipped with high-altitude propellers and the sheep responded well to the device flying over them.Fly w/@COParksWildlife drone as it spots a herd of bighorn sheep on Pikes Peak Wednesday. How many do you count? Rams? Ewes? Lambs? How is each sheep’s health? These are questions our staff answers as they survey. (There are 12 & 1 lamb a broken leg) #wildlife #conservation 2/2— CPW SE Region (@CPW_SE) August 7, 2019“We were pleasantly surprised the drone did not spook the sheep terribly,” Vogrin said in an email to KMGH-TV. “Initially, we saw a reaction but we believe it was due to our staff being present as much as the drone flying overhead.”In the footage, the sheep didn’t have any issues walking around the rocky terrain, however, they seemed a little startled when they noticed the drone. However, after scattering and coming back to the area, they resumed grazing.One last clip from today’s @COParksWildlife drone flight on Pikes Peak to survey bighorn sheep. These nine seem oblivious to the drone after initially moving away. They are on Devil’s Playground. Beaver Creek meanders in the valley below. #wildlife #conservation— CPW SE Region (@CPW_SE) August 7, 2019CPW’s survey doesn’t only focus on counting sheep though: The survey is designed to monitor the animals’ health, track the ram-to-ewe ratio, and take note of how many lambs survive six months after birth.According to Vogrin, the entire herd on Pikes Peak is approximately 140 sheep, which is average in size compared to herds across Colorado. However, bighorn sheep are a step above conventional sheep, since they are native to the state. Even though they had almost gone extinct in the late 1800s due to unregulated hunting and disease, the agency has been able to re-establish a bighorn sheep herd across Colorado. According to CPW data, there are roughly 7,000 bighorn sheep living in the state.More on’s Oldest Semen Successfully Used to Impregnate SheepWatch: Drone Captures Shark ‘Stalking’ Surfers at Australian BeachAmazing Drone Footage Captures School of Stingrays in Australialast_img