Robot Noodle Chef

first_imgIt’s not as easy as it once was to carve our a living for oneself battling giant space aliens. It’s always a good idea to have a plan B. Take this Ultraman-esque Chinese robot, who’s now employed full time as a noodle chef.Chef Cui was created by Cui Runquan, a 35-year-old inventor from Dongguan village, Yanyuan County, Hebei Province, China. Runquan was fed up with his old gig shaving noodles, so he designed the robot to help with the dirty work. He’s clearly happy how the whole thing turned out, “The design of the blades integrates the best angle and positions of a real human chef,” Runquan told the press. “This way the robot can perform good and efficient work.”Runquan patented the ‘bot. Now it’s well on its way to global culinary domination. “My dream is that one day everybody will eat shaved noodles made by my robot.” As long as we don’t get attacked by any Godzilla knockoffs, I’m okay with that.AdChoices广告last_img