Minecraft 12 update adds killer squid and musical blocks

first_imgEveryone’s favorite cubist world builder, Minecraft, has just gotten one of its sexy, surprisingly massive in scope updates, and there’s at least a few new features that are bound to find their way into cool viral Minecraft videos probably faster than I can post this.From a viral perspective, the major new feature is note blocks, which can be set to a certain note with a right click and played by clicking or hopping upon. What do you think the chances are that someone is going to post a video of them hopping along a walkway of musical blocks, playing the Super Mario Bros theme>Otherwise, we’re looking at 15 new wool dyes (mostly useful for building colorful buildings), a new water dwelling mob which appears to be some sort of a squid and which killed me almost immediately as I stood upon the opening beach of my world, new tree types, a bunch of new crafting recipes and some new secret blocks, along with the usual gaggle of multiplayer and single player bug fixes.Here’s the full change log:New features:* Note blocks (right click to tune, trigger to play)* 15 wool dyes* A new water dwelling mob* New tree types* Reeds magically turned into sugar canes. They still make paper.* A bunch of new crafting recipes* One secret useful block* One secret pretty block* Cake* AND MOAR, probably. I forget!Bugfixes:* Paintings work in multiplayer* Disconnecting while riding no longer keeps the player in the world* A bunch more state is properly synched in multiplayer* Fixed colors going weird on PowerPC* Fixed a horrible chunk reload loop in singleplayer* Fixed most lighting bugs in newly generated SMP maps* Falling sand behaves better in SMP* Fixed a few crash on load level bugsRead more at World of Notchlast_img