Innocent man dodges Facebook mob after false accusations of being serial murdererrapist

first_imgYou probably already know you can’t trust everything you read… and that’s doubly true of Facebook, as one angry mob and an innocent Kensington man discovered this week when the latter was falsely accused on the social network of being both a serial rapist and murderer.23-year old Triz Jefferies is just a normal guy from Philadelphia, but he must have angered a pretty malevolent person, because someone decided to post his name and photo on a Facebook page dedicated to finding the so-called Kensington Strangler, a serial rapist and killer.As a direct result of that post, a large group of angry citizens began sending text messages and posting flyers up, reposting the claim that Jefferies was the perp behind at least three murders and several sexual assaults.Jefferies himself, though, didn’t realize how serious the accusations had become until an angry mob gathered around his house, ready to lynch. Terrified, Jefferies called the police, who came over and submitted Jefferies to a DNA test, which found him innocent of any of the murders or rapes.Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey reiterated the man’s innocence at a press conference. “He is not a suspect, he is not connected with this,” Ramsey said.The whole ordeal is hardly over for Jefferies, though: Facebook messages and flyers are still flying about that continue to accuse Jefferies of the crimes. It’s very possible another mob will gather around his house before this is all over.Read more at ABClast_img