FARC And Drug Traffickers Use Brazilian Territory (Colombian Minister)

first_imgBy Dialogo May 20, 2010 Drug-trafficking networks and the FARC guerrilla group’s logistical operations use Brazilian border territory for their activities, the Colombian defense minister, Gabriel Silva, said Wednesday, while nonetheless emphasizing the collaboration between Brazil and Colombia. “Yes, we have information that Brazilian territory is used by drug-trafficking networks and FARC logistical operations, just as the territory of many other countries is used,” Silva declared to the Caracol radio station in Bogotá. The official specified that illegal groups have a presence “on the Amazonas River and in a free-trade-zone city like Manaus, to conduct operations and facilitate the movement of drugs and of supplies for the FARC.” Fortunately, he emphasized, “we have an increasingly close dialogue with Brazil.” “I’ve met with the Brazilian authorities on the border. They are starting a difficult process, which is to understand through intelligence work what the presence of the FARC and the drug traffickers is” on the border “and to share that information with us,” he added. Nonetheless, he said that “not everyone collaborates with the same conviction, and if there isn’t help from everyone, it’s not possible to make progress.” Silva made these declarations in response to a report published in the Brazilian press over the weekend, based on a police report, warning that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a leftist guerrilla group, maintain camps in the Brazilian jungle.last_img