Sex-based pay gap makes sense

first_imgCalabasas Changing times Re: “Feds set outside probe of cops” (May 4): I am a retired Los Angeles police officer. In the ’70s, I was in Metro Division; we had the special crowd-control training in handling what was shown on TV. What we had in the ’70s was better leadership at the top that, in my opinion, LAPD doesn’t have now. We dispersed crowds (in English) and didn’t have to worry about being politically correct when arresting people that failed to disperse. It’s hard to do police work in a sanctuary city, with a mayor and police chief that condone illegal immigration. – Mort Sherman Woodland Hills What a mess Re: “LAPD takes a beating” (May 3): Before this is all said and done, we will have to endure: more of our taxpayer monies wasted in lawsuits, a more scorned and less effective LAPD, more blowhard politicians and activists spewing the same old tired nonsense, more misplaced blame (should be on the anarchists), and a complete ignoring of the real issue – illegal immigration and what to do about it. And, if we have to watch one more self-focused, self-aggrandizing report on Fox 11 by Christina Gonzalez, we’re done with them. – Tim and Norma McBride Los Angeles Clinton’s perjury Bill Clinton was being deposed in the Paula Jones case supposedly to show a history of sexual harassment, but was being asked more about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky than about sexual harassment. Kenneth Starr, using information from secret illegal tapes made by Linda Tripp, and Clinton’s deposition filed charges accusing Clinton of having an affair with Lewinsky and encouraging her to lie about it under oath. Well, the Paula Jones case was dismissed for lack of evidence, Linda Tripp was granted immunity by Starr from prosecution under Maryland law, Clinton was acquitted from criminal wrongdoing in Whitewater and the Lewinsky charge, but he was impeached for perjury in a case that was thrown out of court. Ahh, justice is so blind sometimes, it makes you wonder. – Gilbert H. Skopp Calabasas What time is it? Times have certainly changed. We now live in a time of asking what our country can do for us instead of asking what we can do for our country. It’s a time when more emphasis is placed on being an ethnic American than in being a fellow American. It’s a time when waiving our respect for the American flag gets more respect than in waving it. It’s a time when we love freedom of expression more than expressing our love of freedom. It’s a time when more prisons are being built than churches because more crimes are being committed than good deeds. It’s time for a change. – Robert L. Rosebrock Brentwood Chief lets them down Re: “LAPD takes a beating” (May 3): Instead of supporting our brave officers, Chief Bratton throws them to the dogs for not being “sensitive” enough to the rioters. He doesn’t deserve to lead the LAPD. – Gabriel Gagnon Valencia 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re: “LAPD takes a beating” (May 3): Another sad day in L.A. Again the police are being judged guilty for doing their jobs. Our City Council President Eric Garcetti is upset with the police attacking protesters and news media. Police work is a nasty business. First, an unruly crowd, throwing rocks and bottles (it’s on tape). Second, the police give a dispersal order. When that happens, it’s time to go. Third, when a bunch of guys wearing riot helmets with face shields, carrying guns and big sticks, are walking in your direction, that’s another hint to leave. If you don’t move, you will be moved, protesters and media alike. Your press pass doesn’t trump the law. If you put yourselves in harm’s way, bad things happen. They were doing their jobs. Don’t use the police for a protest next time and see what happens. – Randy Bowman last_img read more

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